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We all need names and information about the world's plants and animals so we can understand, manage and conserve them. Bioinformatics (from 'biology' + 'informatics' (computer science) is how we make that information available electronically to the whole world. Australia is a world leader in the storage and retrieval of taxonomic information, and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust has been a key player in establishing standards and protocols and providing information on plants.

What are we doing at the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust?

Through our program ‘National and International Bioinformatics’, led by Karen Wilson, the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust is involved in many different bioinformatics projects locally, nationally and internationally that aim to 

  • put together information electronically on plant species that we are studying
  • provide digital images of these plants and herbarium specimens
  • map their geographic distribution
  • link plant information to other biodiversity information (on animals, fungi, bacteria, ecology, nutrition, economic uses, etc.)
  • establish the standards needed for store, exchange, link and search data on Websites everywhere
  • agree on copyright and intellectual property rights issues

Links for New South Wales information

CANRI (Community Access to Natural Resources Information) - brings together environmental information from NSW Government agencies and other organisations

NSW Biodiversity Research Network - summarises the current state of biodiversity research in NSW, and identifies gaps and priorities for future research

PlantNET - which includes:

  • WeedAlert - Weeds in NSW
  • WattleWeb - for information on wattles (Acacia spp.) in NSW
  • Type specimens (information and images) in the National Herbarium of NSW

Floristic Lists of NSW - bibliography of botanical lists for reserves, forests and parks in NSW

Links for Australia-wide information

Links for Worldwide information


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