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Our Herbarium collection

We have a reference collection of over one million preserved plants, representing the flora of the world but with particular emphasis on the State of New South Wales. Among these are plants collected by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander in 1770. This collection underpins all plant science and conservation in the State. It is important to understand the diversity and significance of the New South Wales flora in order to manage the State's natural resources.

Obtaining information on plants in NSW

  • We provide plant identification and botanical information service - over-the-counter, by fax and by mail.
  • Information from all our plant databases is available by going to 'search databases' at the top of the page.
  • Click here to download a map of the Botanical Divisions & Subdivisions of New South Wales.
  • The latest information on all New South Wales plants, both native and naturalised, may be found in  the Flora of New South Wales:

Flora of New South Wales

The Flora of New South Wales is a four-volume publication that provides a means for both amateur and professional botanists to identify plant species that occur in New South Wales - both native and naturalised - and be informed of their distribution within the State. It was published between 1990 and 1993 and is currrently being revised and/or updated.

The Flora is the only comprehensive publication on the plants of New South Wales. All our botanists and botanical illustrators contributed to the Flora, ensuring that it is accurate and authoritative.

Proteaceae of New South Wales

This part of the Flora has now been published as a separate book. It includes a general introduction on collecting and preserving specimens, explaining the need for scientific names and how plants are named, as well as how to use botanical keys. It also includes an enlarged introduction to the family Proteaceae, as well as updating species names and descriptions.

Banks & Solander specimen

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