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Number of living species
1 (Wollemia nobilis - Wollemi Pine)

Population size
Fewer than 100 trees

Discovery of Wollemi Pine
1994 (two populations), 2000 (one further population) in the Wollemi National Park

Discovered by
David Noble, National Parks & Wildlife Service officer, when canyoning

Distribution of fossil remains of Wollemia
Widespread, including Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica

Closest relatives
Agathis (Kauri Pines), Araucaria (Norfolk Island, Hoop, Bunya Bunya and Monkey Puzzle pines) all belong to the family Araucariaceae - see age and ancestry

Estimated age / lineage
90–200 million years, based on a combination of fossil evidence, known evolutionary relationships of the two genera, biogeography and known timing of the Continental Drift - see age and ancestry

Oldest known fossil of close relative
90 million years (fossil pollen of dubious identity, known as Dilwynites)

Unusual characteristics
Its bark; its bud development; its branching habit - see appearance and characteristics.

First planting
On 9 February 1998, in the Rare & Threatened Plant Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, planted by Jan Allen and Jeremy Coleby-Williams and subsequently planted in several other locations - see where to see it.

Humans - see protecting it

Wollemi Pine - Wollemia nobilis

First planting
First planting of a Wollemi Pine on 8 Feb 1998, by Jan Allen & Jeremy Coleby-Williams in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.