Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

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Adelaide Botanic Garden North Terrace, Adelaide. Wollemi pine planted in November 2000.

Antarctica. Article on ancient relatives of Wollemi pines and click here for another.

Australian Academy of Science

Australian National Botanic Gardens (Canberra). Wollemi Pine planted in May 2000.

Australian National University (Botany & Zoology). Investigating population genetics of the surviving trees.

Australian National University (Forestry). Investigating wood anatomy and age of living trees.

Birkdale Nursery. Partner in Wollemi Pine International, marketing the sale of Wollemi Pines.

Charles Sturt University. Investigating the bud anatomy of the Wollemi Pine.

Commercial propagation. Information on sale of Wollemi Pines. Register your interest.


Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado

Geological Survey of Aust / Geoscience Australia

Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth. Wollemi Pine planted October 2002

Montana State University

Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - the Australian plant Garden of the Botanic Gardens Trust, located south-west of Sydney. This is where our horticultural research into the Wollemi Pine is being conducted.

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden, Crafers, South Australia. Wollemi Pine planted in November 2000.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah - the cool-climate Garden of the Botanic Gardens Trust, located in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. A group of Wollemi Pines is planted on the Gondwana walk.

NSW Agriculture

NSW Forestry Commission

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. Responsible for the site management of the wild population in the Wollemi National Park,  joint membership of the Wollemi Pine Recovery Team, administer the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995) and investigating the ecology of the area.

NSW biodiversity strategy. The NSW Biodiversity Strategy was set up by the State Government in 1999. It involves a range of government agencies, working together to conserve biodiversity in NSW.

NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995). In New South Wales threatened native plants and animals are protected by the Threatened Species Conservation Act. The Act provides for the identification, conservation and recovery of threatened species and their populations and communities. It also aims to reduce the threats faced by those species.

Queensland Department of Primary Industry - Forestry Research Institute. Partner in the commercial production of the Wollemi pine.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Hobart. Wollemi pine planted in April 2002.

Taronga Zoo. Wollemi pines planted in the Creatures of the Wollemi exhibit in October 2000.

University of Melbourne (Botany). Investigating the fossil link.

University of New England. Investigating the embryological (seed) development.

University of Sydney

Wollemi National Park. Home of the last surviving Wollemi pines.

Wollemi Pine Recovery Plan. Management objectives and actions to conserve and protect the Wollemi pine.


Dr Tony Auld (NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service) - ecology

Dr Cris Brack (Australian National University, Forestry Department) - tree age

Dr Geoff Burrows (Charles Sturt University) - anatomy (leaf, leaf axil, buds)

Professor Carrick Chambers (Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust) - fossils

Dr Andrew Drinnan (University of Melbourne, School of Botany) - fossils

Dr Russell Haines (Queensland Department of Primary Industry) - embryology

Dr Roger Heady (Australian National University Electron Microscope Unit) - wood anatomy

Dr Ailsa Hocking (CSIRO) - associated fungus

Professor Lesley Hughes (Macquarie University) - climate change

Dr Edward Liew (Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust) - plant pathology

Dr Peter McGee (University of Sydney) - associated fungus

Dr Rod Peakall (Australian National University, Division of Botany & Zoology) - population genetics.

Assoc. Prof. N Prakash (University of New England) - embryology

Dr Michael Priest (NSW Department of Agriculture) - associated fungus

Professor Gary Strobel (Montana State University, US) - associated fungus

Dr Brett Summerell (Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust) - plant pathology