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Climate picture gallery

Climate & weather impacting woodland vegetation at the Australian Botanic Garden

Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Cirostratus clouds
High level Cirrostratus over Mount Annan in May

Clouds at sunrise
Sunrise over Mount Annan in May

Cumulus clouds
Low level Cumulus clouds bring
showers to Mount Annan
Cirrocumulus clouds 
High level Cirrocumulus clouds over the Australian Botanic Garden
 Cumulonimbus clouds
Low level Cumulonimbus bring thunderstorms over the Australian Botanic Garden

Annual temperatures
Annual temperatures (Eaglevale and Camden)

Frost on grassland at Mount Annan during July

 Maximum and Minimum temperatures
Maximum and minimum temperatures

 Woodland in fog
Mount Annan woodland in fog in February

 Approaching storm
Approaching storm
Annual rainfall  
Annual rainfall for Mount Annan, 1986-2005

Rain in September

Rainfall 01-05
Monthly rainfall at Mount Annan, 2001-2005 
Storm damage
Storm damage October 2006
Weather station
Weather station
See todays weather data
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