Resprout picture gallery - species resprouting after fire and drought

Many Cumberland Plain Woodland plants are able to resprout after impacting events such as fire and drought. This allows them to persist in an often harsh environment. Resprouting may be from lignotubers, roots, rhizomes, stolons and tubers.

Asterisk * indicates exotic species naturalised at the Australian Botanic Garden.


Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland
Acacia implexa resprouting
Acacia implexa
Ajuga australis resprouting
Ajuga australis
Araujia sericifera resprouting
*Araujia sericifera
Asperula conferta resprouting
Asperula conferta
Brunoniella australis resprouting
Brunoniella australis
Bursaria spinosa resprouting
Bursaria spinosa
Carex inversa resprouting
Carex inversa
Chloris gayana resprouting
*Chloris gayana
Cirsium vulgare resprouting
*Cirsium vulgare
 Cynodon dactylon resprouting
*Cynodon dactylon
Desmodium brachypodum resprouting 
Desmodium brachypodum
Desmodium varians resprouting 
Desmodium varians
Dianella longifolia resprouting
Dianella longifolia
Dichondra repens resprouting
Dichrondra repens
Eremophila debils resprouting
Eremophila debili
Eucalypt resprouting
Eucalyptus sp.
Foeniculum vulgare resprouting
*Foeniculum vulgare
Geranium homeanum resprouting
Geranium homeanum
Glycine tabacina resprouting
Glycine tabacina
Hardenbergia violacea resprout
Hardenbergia violacea
Heliotropium amplexicaule resprouting
*Heliotropium amplexicaule
 Herbertia lahue resprouting
*Herbertia lahue subsp. caerulea
Hypericum gramineum resprouting 
Hypericum gramineum
Hypericum perforatum resprouting 
*Hypericum perforatum
 Hypochaeris radicata resprout
*Hypochaeris radicata
 Hypoxis hygrometrica resprout
Hypoxis hygrometrica
Mentha satureoides resprouting
 Mentha satureoides
Nassella neesiana resprouting
*Nassella neesiana
Opuntia stricta resprouting
*Opuntia stricta
Paspalum dilatatum resprouting
*Paspalum dilatatum
Pimelea spicata resprouting
Pimelea spicata
Plantago gaudichaudii resprouting
Plantago gaudichaudii

Plantago lanceolata resprout
*Plantago lanceolata
Romulea rosea resprouting
*Romulea rosea
Rosa rubiginosa resprouting
*Rosa rubiginosa 
Rubus ulmifolius resprouting
*Rubus ulmifolius

Rumex brownii resprouting
Rumex brownii
Senecio quadridentatus resprout
Senecio quadridentatus
Sida corrugata resprouting
 Sida corrugata
Taraxicum officinale resprouting
*Taraxacum officinale
Themeda australis resprouting
Themeda australis
Verbena bonariensis resprouting
*Verbena bonariensis
 Verbena rigida resprouting
*Verbena rigida