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Rootstock picture gallery

Dry conditions are a feature of the Cumberlnad Plain Woodland environment. Many plants have strongly developed rootsystems to allow them to persist during drought. Rootstocks include tubers, thickened or fleshy roots and deep taproots. These rootstocks may also allow the plant to resprout after fire.

Asterisk * indicates species naturalised in the woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden.



Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Ajuga australis rootstock
Ajuga australis
Arthropodium sp B tubers
Arthropodium sp. B
Asparagus asparagoides rootstock
*Asparagus asparagoides
Brunoniella australis rootstock
Brunoniella australis
Bursaria spinosa tuber
Bursaria spinosa
Caesia parviflora tubers
Caesia parviflora
Clerodendrum tomentosum rootstock
Clerodendrum tomentosum
Cymbonotus lawsonianus rootstock
Cymbonotus lawsonianus
Cyperus gracilis rootstock
Cyperus gracilis
Dianella longifolia tubers
Dianella longifolia
Dodonaea viscosa rootstock
Dodonaea viscosa
Eucalyptus moluccana rootstock
Eucalyptus moluccana
 Gomphocarpus fruticosus rootstock
*Gomphocarpus fruticosus
Heliotropium amplexicaule rootstock 
*Heliotropium amplexicaule
 Hypericum gramineum rootstock
Hypericum gramineum
 Hypericum perforatum rootstock
*Hypericum perforatum
Hypochaeris microcephala rootstock
*Hypochaeris microcephala
Linum marginale tuber
Linum marginale
Lomandra filiformis rootstock 
Lomandra filiformis
Mentha satureoides rootstock
Mentha satureoides
Modiola caroliniana rootstock
*Modiola caroliniana
 Olea europea subsp cuspidata rootstock
*Olea europea subsp. cuspidata 
Oxalis perennans rootstock
Oxalis perennans
Plantago gaudichaudii rootstock
Plantago gaudichaudii
Plantago lanceolata rootstock 
*Plantago lanceolata
 Romulea rosea rootstock
*Romulea rosea
Senecio madagascariensis rootstock 
*Senecio madagascariensis
Sida rhombifolia rootstock 
*Sida rhombifolia
Sonchus oleraceus rootstock 
*Sonchus oleraceus

Tricoryne elatior tuber
Tricoryne elatior

Verbena bonariensis rootstock 
*Verbena bonariensis