Acacia falcata

Family Fabaceae

Shrub to 3 m high with falcate phyllodes 7 - 9 cm long. Longevity 5 - 20 years.

Flowers: Pale yellow to cream, April - August.

Fruit: Pods 5 - 12 cm long.

Seed: Hard seeded with physical dormancy.

Gallery images: seed, seedling, rootstock, resprout


  • Sclerophyll forest on coast.
  • Rare in woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden, resricted to 3 plants,
  • All  woodland plants killed in 2005 fire.
  • Recruits from soil stored seedbank where present, though Mount Annan plants may have been chance colonisers.
  • Legumes reported to have nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium nodules on roots.

Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Acacia falcata plant

Acacia falcata flower

Acacia falcata fruit