*Asparagus asparargoides

Family Asparagaceae

Bridal creeper

Climbing herb with stems to 3 m long with rhizome and clustered masses of tuberous roots, leaves scale like, leaf-like cladodes to 4 cm long. Longevity indefinite.

Flowers: White, July – September.

Fruit: Red berry 5 – 19 mm diameter containing many seeds, spring. Bird dispersed.

Seed: Germinate readily.

Gallery images: seed, seedling, rootstock, resprout


  • Native of South Africa.
  • Serious bushland weed in woodlands and along riverbanks in full sun to light shade, where the canopy smothers other vegetation, and masses of underground rhizomes and tubers form thick mats.
  • Occasional in woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden.
  • Resprouts rapidly after fire.

Asterisk * indicates exotic species naturalised at the Australian Botanic Garden.


Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Asparagus asparagoides plant

Asparagus asparagoides flower