Calotis lappulacea

Family Asteraceae

Yellow Burr-daisy

Much-branched hairy herb to 50 cm, with taproot 3 mm diameter and 6 cm deep. Longevity 5 - 25 years.

Flowers: Yellow, throughout the year.

Fruit: Burr with bristles. Animal-dispersed, by adhesion.

Seed: Achene 1 – 1.5 mm long, with barbed awns. Some dormancy of fresh seed.

Gallery images: seed, seedling, rootstock, resprout


  • Grassy woodland habitat in full sun to light shade.
  • Occasional and localised in woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden.
  • Resprouts after fire.
  • Stems eaten by rabbits which may be reducing population.

Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Calotis lappulacea plant

Calotis lappulacea flower

Calotis lappulacea fruit

Calotis lappulacea seed