Lagenophora gracilis

Family Asteraceae

Blue Bottle-daisy

Herb to 40 cm, with short vertical rhizome, 1 -2 cm long developing fleshy, tuberous roots 2 mm diameter, 4 cm long. Longevity 2 - 5 years.

Flowers: White, pale pink, October - April.

Fruit: Brown achene 3.4 x 0.8 mm long, no pappus, up to 40 per inflorescence, mature November–April.

Seed: Dispersed by adhesion to passing animals.

Gallery images: seed, seedling, rootstock, resprout


  • Woodland and grassland habitats in sheltered sites, mid-shade – full sun.
  • Occasional in woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden.
  • Stems killed by fire and resprout at ground level.

Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Lagenophora gracilis plant

Lagenophora gracilis flower

Lagenophora gracilis fruit

Lagenifera gracilis seed