Olearia viscidula

Family Asteraceae

Viscid shrub to 2.5 m. Longevity greater than 20 years.

Flowers: White, July - November. Possibly beetle pollinated.

Fruit: Achene, silky, with pappus of many long bristles.

Seed: Wind dispersed.

Gallery images: seed, seedling, rootstock, resprout


  • Woodland habitat.
  • Rare in woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden, only 2 or 3 plants known.
  • No seed recorded at the Australian Botanic Garden, possibly due to small population size and/or lack of pollination.

Recent observations

  • Many small Longicorn Beetles, Syllitus species covered with pollen observed on Olearia flowers September 2006.




Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Olearia viscidula plant

Olearia viscidula flower

Olearia viscidula fruit