Pterostylis curta

Family: Orchidaceae

Blunt Greenhood

Seasonally deciduous terrestrial orchid to 30 cm. Rosette of leaves during winter and spring, Deciduous summer/autumn. Local spread by paired tubers and stolons with daughter tubers.

Flowers: Hood shaped, erect, white and green during July – October. Pollination by pseudocopulation of male fungus gnats, Mycomya sp. (Mycetophilidae)

Fruit: Capsule containing hundreds of minute seeds.

Seed: Dust like. Wind dispersed.

Gallery images: seed, seedling, rootstock, resprout


  • Woodland habitat.
  • Rare, localized clumps in moist gully in woodland at the Australian Botanic Garden.
  • Soil inhabiting mycorrhizal fungi necessary for seed germination, providing essential nutrient support for embryo growth.
  • In related species most seedling germination is close to adult plants.

Useful References
Bernhardt, P. (1995) Notes on the anthecology of Pterostylis curta (Orchidaceae). Cunninghamia 4(1): 1-8.

Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Pterostylis curta plant

Pterostylis curta flower

Pterostylis curta fruit