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The Asteraceae or daisy family has 34 species on the Plateau, which is quite high for a sandstone landscape. It includes a number of species restricted to high elevation sites that are widely disjunct from each other e.g. Olearia quercifolia, Celmisia longifolia.

Arrhenechites  mixta flower
Arrhenechthites mixta flower

 Arrhenechites  mixta plant
Arrhenechthites mixta plant

Arrhenechites  mixta fruit
Arrhenechthites mixta fruit

Brachyscome aculeata
(not illustrated)

Brachyscome diversifolia
(not illustrated)

Calomeria amaranthoides
(not illustrated)

Cassinia aculeata flower
Cassinia aculeata flower

 Cassinia aculeata plant
Cassinia aculeata plant

Cassinia arcuata
(not illustrated)

Cassinia aureonitens 
(not illustrated)


Cassinia compacta
(not illustrated)

Cassinia cunninghamii flower
Cassinia cunninghamii flower

Cassinia cunninghamii plant
Cassinia cunninghamii plant

Cassinia denticulata flower
Cassinia denticulata flower

 Cassinia denticulata plant
Cassinia denticulata plant

Cassinia quinquefaria
(not illustrated)

Celmisia longifolia flower
Celmisia longifolia flower

Celmisia longifolia plant
Celmisia longifolia plant

 Celmisia longifolia fruit
Celmisia longifolia fruit

 Centipeda minima flower
Centipeda minima flower

 Centipeda minima plant
Centipeda minima plant


 Coronidium scorpioides flower
Coronidium scorpioides flower

 Coronidium scorpioides plant
Coronidium scorpioides plant

Coronidium scorpioides fruit
Coronidium scorpioides fruit 

 Coronidium waddelliae flower
Coronidium waddelliae flower
Coronidium waddelliae plant
Coronidium waddelliae plant 
Coronidium waddelliae fruit
Coronidium waddelliae fruit 

 Helichrysum leucopsidium flower
Helichrysum leucopsidium flower

Helichrysum leucopsidium plant
Helichrysum leucopsidium plant


 Lagenophora gracilis flower
Lagenophora gracilis flower

 Lagenophora gracilis  plant
Lagenophora gracilis plant

Lagenophora gracilis  fruit
Lagenophora gracilis fruit

 Leucochrysum albicans subsp albicans var albicans flower
Leucochrysum albicans subsp albicans var albicans flower

  Leucochrysum albicans subsp albicans var albicans plant
Leucochrysum albicans subsp albicans var albicans plant


 Leucochrysum graminifolium flower
Leucochrysum graminifolium flower

 Leucochrysum graminifolium plant
Leucochrysum graminifolium plant

 Leucochrysum graminifolium fruit
Leucochrysum graminifolium fruit 

 Olearia erubescens flower
Olearia erubescens flower

 Olearia erubescens plant
Olearia erubescens plant

Olearia erubescens fruit
Olearia erubescens fruit 

 Olearia myrsinoides
(not illustrated)

Olearia myrsinoides fruit
Olearia myrsinoides fruit 

Olearia phlogoppa  flower
Olearia phlogopappa flower

 Olearia phlogoppa plant
Olearia phlogopappa plant 

 Olearia quercifolia
(not illustrated)

 Olearia quercifolia plant
Olearia quercifolia plant 


 Olearia stellulata flower
Olearia stellulata flower

Olearia stellulata plant
 Olearia stellulata plant


 Ozothamnus diosmifolius flower
Ozothamnus diosmifolius flower

 Ozothamnus diosmifolius plant
Ozothamnus diosmifolius plant

 Ozothamnus diosmifolius fruit
Ozothamnus diosmifolius fruit 

 Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum
(not illustrated)


 Senecio diaschides flower
Senecio diaschides flower

Senecio diaschides plant
Senecio diaschides plant

Senecio diaschides fruit 
Senecio diaschides fruit

 Senecio hispidulus
(not illustrated)


 Senecio linearifolius flower
Senecio linearifolius flowers

 Senecio minimus
(not illustrated)

 Senecio quadridentatus
(not illustrated)

 Senecio prenanthoides
(not illustrated)

 Senecio velleiodes
(not illustrated)

 Vittadinia triloba
(not illustrated)


 Xerochrysum viscosum flower
Xerochrysum viscosum flower

Xerochrysum viscosum plant
Xerochrysum viscosum plant