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Fabaceae - others

The Fabaceae family includes a range of bacon and egg peas in the genera Pultenaea, Dillwynia and Almaleea. Many of the peas have restricted habitat requirement (e.g. Dillwynia stipulifera in swamps, Sphaerolobium minus in soaks), and short regular flowering periods in spring. Phyllota squarrosa flowers in autumn. Over 40 species of peas occur here.

Almaleea incurvata
(not illustrated)
Bossiaea buxifolia
(not illustrated)
Bossiaea heterophylla Bossiaea heterophylla fruit
Bossiaea heterophylla fruit
Bossiaea lenticularis
(not illustrated)

Bossiaea obcordata flower
Bossiaea obcordata flower

Bossiaea obcordata plant
Bossiaea obcordata plant
Bossiaea obcordata fruit
Bossiaea obcordata fruit
Bossiaea rhombifolia
(not illustrated)

 Daviesia acicularis flower
Daviesia acicularis flower

 Daviesia acicularis plant
Daviesia acicularis plant 


Daviesia latifolia flower
Daviesia latifolia flower

Daviesia latifolia plant
Daviesia latifolia plant
Daviesia latifolia fruit
Daviesia latifolia fruit

Daviesia squarrosa flower
Daviesia squarrosa flower

Daviesia squarrosa plant
Daviesia squarrosa plant
Dillywynia acicularis
(not illustrated)

Dillwynia elegans flower
Dillwynia elegans flower

Dillwynia elegans plant
Dillwynia elegans plant

Dillwynia floribunda
(not illustrated)

Dillwynia phylicoides flower
Dillwynia phylicoides flower

Dillwynia phylicoides plant
Dillwynia phylicoides plant
Dillwynia ramosissima
(not illustrated)

Dillwynia retorta flower
Dillwynia retorta flower

Dillwynia rudis Dillwynia rudis fruit
Dillwynia rudis fruit
Dillwynia sericea
(not illustrated)

Dillwynia stipulifera flower
Dillwynia stipulifera flowers

Gompholobium glabratum
(not illustrated)

Gompholobium grandiflorum flower
Gompholobium grandiflorum flower

Gompholobium grandiflorum fruit
Gompholobium grandiflorum fruit

Gompholobium huegelii flower
Gompholobium huegilii flower

Gompholobium huegelii plant
Gompholobium huegelii plant
Gompholobium latifolium
(not illustrated)

Gompholobium uncinatum flower
Gompholobium uncinatum flower

Hardenebergia violacea flower
Hardenbergia violacea flower

Hardenebergia violacea plant
Hardenbergia violacea plant

Hovea lanceolata
(not illustrated)

Hovea linearis flower
Hovea linearis flower
Hovea linearis plant
Hovea linearis plant
Hovea linearis fruit
Hovea linearis fruit
Hovea longifolia
(not illustrated)
Hovea rosmarinifolia
(not illustrated)
Mirbelia baueri
(not illustrated)

Mirbelia platylobioides flower
Mirbelia platylobioides flower

Mirbelia platylobioides plant
Mirbelia platylobioides plant
Mirbelia platylobioides fruit
Mirbelia platylobioides fruit
Mirbelia pungens
(not illustrated)

Mirbelia rubiifolia flower
Mirbelia rubiifolia flower

Mirbelia rubiifolia fruit
Mirbelia rubiifolia fruit
Oxylobium ellipticum
(not illustrated)

Phyllota squarrosa flower
Phyllota squarrosa flower

Phyllota squarrosa plant 
Phyllota squarrosa plant

Podolobium ilicifolium flower
Podolobium ilicifolium flower


Podolobium ilicifolium plant 
Podolobium ilicifolium plant

Pultenaea canescens flower
Pultenaea canescens flower

Pultenaea canescens plant
Pultenaea canescens plant
Pultenaea canescens fruit
Pultenaea canescens fruit

Pultenaea  divaricata flower
Pultenaea divaricata flower

Pultenaea  scabra flower
Pultenaea scabra flower

Pultenaea  scabra plant
Pultenaea scabra plant
Pultenaea  setulosa
(not illustrated)

Pultenaea subspicata flower
 Pultenaea subspicata flower

Sphaerolobium minus flower
Sphaerolobium minus flowers


Sphaerolobium vimineum flower
Sphaerolobium vimineum flowers

Sphaerolobium vimineum plant
 Sphaerolobium vimineum plant