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The only native Iridaceae species on the Plateau are Patersonia which are conspicuous when they are flowering in November. All four NSW species are found on the Plateau.


Libertia paniculata
(not illustrated)


Patersonia fragilis flower
Patersonia fragilis flower

Patersonia fragilis plant 
Patersoni fragilis plant

Patersonia glabrata flower
Patersonia glabrata flower

Patersonia glabrata plant
Patersonia glabrata plant

Patersonia glabrata fruit
Patersonia glabrata fruit

Patersonia longifolia flower
Patersonia longifolia flower

Patersonia longifolia plant
Patersonia longifolia plant

Patersonia longifolia fruit 
Patersonia longifolia fruit

Patersonia sericea flower
Patersonia sericea flower

Patersonia sericea plant 
Patersonia sericea plant