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The Plateau is rich in Proteaceae species including 10 species of Persoonia and Banksia penicillata which is restricted to the upper Blue Mountains. Isopogon prostratus occurs in a few disjunct locations on the South Coast.

Banksia cunninghamii flower
Banksia cunninghamii flower

Banksia cunninghamii plant 
Banksia cunninghamii foliage

Banksia cunninghamii fruit
Banksia cunninghamii fruit

Banksia ericifolia flower
 Banksia ericifolia flower

Banksia ericifolia plant 
Banksia ericifolia plant

Banksia ericifolia fruit 
Banksia ericifolia fruit

Banksia marginata flower
Banksia marginata flower

Banksia marginata  plant
Banksia marginata plant


Banksia marginata fruit 
Banksia marginata fruit

Banksia paludosa


Banksia paludosa plant
Banksia paludosa plant

Banksia paludosa fruit 
Banksia paludosa fruit

Banksia penicillata


Banksia penicillata plant 
Banksia penicillata plant

Banksia penicillata fruit 
Banksia penicillata fruit

Banksia serrata flower
Banksia serrata flower

Banksia serrata plant
Banksia serrata plant

Banksia serrata fruit 
Banksia serrata fruit

Banksia spinulosa flower
 Banksia spinulosa flower

Banksia spinulosa plant 
Banksia spinulosa plant

Banksia spinulosa fruit 
Banksia spinulosa fruit

Conospermum taxifolium flower
Conospermum taxifolium flower

Conospermum taxifolium plant
Conospermum taxifolium plant


Conospermum taxifolium fruit 
Conospermum taxifolium fruit

Grevillea acanthifolia flower
Grevillea acanthifolia flower

Grevillea acanthifolia plant 
Grevillea acanthifolia plant

Grevillea acanthifolia fruit 
Grevillea acanthifolia fruit

Grevillea laurifolia flower
Grevillea laurifolia flower

Grevillea laurifolia plant 
 Grevillea laurifolia plant


Hakea dactyloides flower
Hakea dactyloides flower

Hakea dactyloides plant 
Hakea dactyloides plant


Hakea dactyloides fruit
Hakea dactyloides fruit

Hakea gibbosa


Hakea gibbosa plant 
Hakea gibbosa plant

Hakea gibbosa fruit 
Hakea gibbosa fruit

Hakea laevipes


Hakea laevipes plant 
Hakea laevipes supsp laevipes plant

Hakea laevipes fruit
Hakea laevipes subsp laevipes fruit

Hakea microcarpa

Hakea microcarpa plant 
Hakea microcarpa plant

Hakea microcarpa fruit 
Hakea microcarpa fruit

Hakea pachyphylla flower
Hakea pachyphylla flower

Hakea pachyphylla plant 
Hakea pachyphylla plant

Hakea pachyphylla fruit 
Hakea pachyphylla fruit

Hakea propinqua flower
Hakea propinqua flower

Hakea salicifolia flower
Hakea salicifolia subsp salicifolia flower

Hakea salicifolia plant
Hakea salicifolia subsp salicifolia plant

Hakea salicifolia fruit 
Hakea salicifolia subsp salicifolia fruit

Hakea teretifolia
(not illustrated)

Isopogon anemonifolius flower
Isopogon anemonifolius flower

Isopogon anemonifolius plant 
Isopogon anemonifolius plant

Isopogon anemonifolius fruit 
Isopogon anemonifolius fruit

Isopogon anethifolius flower
Isopogon anethifolius flower 

Isopogon anethifolius plant 
\Isopogon anethifolius plant

Isopogon anethifolius fruit 
Isopogon anethifolius fruit

Isopogon dawsonii
(not illustrated)

Isopogon prostratus flower
Isopogon prostratus flower

Isopogon prostratus plant 
 Isopogon prostratus plant


Isopogon prostratus fruit
Isopogon prostratus fruit

Lambertia formosa flower
Lambertia formosa flower

Lambertia formosa plant 
Lambertia formosa plant

Lomatia myricoides flower
Lomatia myricoides flower

Lomatia myricoides plant
Lomatia myricoides plant

Lomatia myricoides fruit 
Lomatia myricoides fruit

Lomatia silaifolia flower
Lomatia silaifolia flower

Lomatia silaifolia plant 
 Lomatia silaifolia plant

Lomatia silaifolia fruit 
Lomatia silaifolia fruit

Persoonia acerosa
(not illustrated)


Persoonia chamaepitys flower
Persoonia chamaepitys flower

Persoonia chamaepitys plant 
Persoonia chamaepitys plant


Persoonia chamaepitys fruit
Persoonia chamaepitys fruit

Persoonia hindii flower
Persoonia hindii flower

Persoonia hindii plant 
Persoonia hindii plant

Persoonia hindii fruit 
Persoonia hindii fruit

Persoonia laurina flower
Persoonia laurina flower

Persoonia laurina plant 
Persoonia laurina plant

Persoonia laurina fruit 
Persoonia laurina fruit

Persoonia levis


Persoonia levis plant 
Persoonia levis plant

Persoonia levis fruit 
Persoonia levis fruit

Persoonis linearis


Persoonis linearis plant 

Persoonis linearis fruit 
Persoonia linearis fruit

Persoonia mollis flower
Persoonia mollis flower

Persoonia mollis plant 
Persoonia mollis plant

Persoonia mollis fruit 
Persoonia mollis fruit

Persoonia myrtilloides flower
 Persoonia myrtilloides flower

Persoonia myrtilloides plant 
Persoonia myrtiloides plant

Persoonia myrtilloides fruit
Persoonia myrtiloides fruit

Persoonia oxycoccoides
(not illustrated)

Persoonia recedens flower
 Persoonia recedens flower

Persoonia recedens plant
Persoonia recedens plant

Persoonia recedens fruit
Persoonia recedens fruit

Petrophile canescens flower
Petrophile canescens flower

Petrophile canescens plant 
Petrophile canescens plant

Petrophile canescens fruit 
Petrophile canescens fruit

Petrophile pulchella


Petrophile pulchella plant 
Petrophile pulchella plant

Petrophile pulchella fruit 
Petrophile pulchella fruit

Symphionema montanum flower
Symphionema montanum flower

Symphionema montanum plant 
Symphionema montanum plant

Telopea speciosissima flower
Telopea speciocissima flower

Telopea speciosissima plant 
Telopea speciocissima plant

Telopea speciosissima fruit 
Telopea speciocissima fruit