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The Santalaceae is a family of semi parasitic shrubs. There are 5 species in this family on the Newnes Plateau and some produce edible fruits.

Choretrum pauciflorum flower
Choretrum pauciflorum flowers

Choretrum pauciflorum plant 
Choretrum pauciflorum plant

Choretrum pauciflorum fruit
Choretrum pauciflorum fruit

Choretrum sp. A
(not illustrated)
Exocarpos strictus
(not illustrated)

Leptomeria acida flower
Leptomeria acida flower

Leptomeria acida plant
Leptomeria acida plant

Leptomeria acida fruit
Leptomeria acida fruit

Omphacomeria acerba


Omphacomeria acerba plant 
Omphacomeria acerba plant

Omphacomeria acerba fruit 
Omphacomeria acerba fruit