Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Herbarium & resources

There are a number of services and facilities that support our science programs:

  • NSW Herbarium - the National Herbarium of New South Wales houses the State reference library of 1.2 million preserved plants
  • Plant databases - science websites created and maintained by Herbarium staff, delivering information about plants
  • Library - one of the premier botanical and horticultural libraries in Australia
  • Laboratories - we have molecular systematics, horticulture, NSW Seedbank and plant pathology laboratories
  • PlantBank - proposed centre for conservation research and education at the Australian Botanic Garden
  • Art and illustration - botanical illustration, Margaret Flockton award, courses and exhibitions
  • Plant Identification Service - information on our plant identification and botanical information services
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Service - provides a range of plant pest and disease identification services to industry, government and private customers.
  • Forensic Services - valuable assistance to NSW Police regarding plant identification
  • Science staff - science staff, research associates and students

Our team


  • Dr Dale Dixon (Manager Collections)

Science staff

  • Katherine Downs (Herbarium Curator)
  • Michael Elgey (Herbarium Support Officer)
  • Lesley Elkan (Botanical Illustrator)
  • Zonda Erskine (Loans Officer)
  • Miguel Garcia (Library Technician)
  • Clare Herscovitch (Herbarium Curator)
  • Leonie Stanberg (Herbarium Curator)
  • Ifeanna Tooth (Herbarium Curator)
  • Gill Towler (Herbarium Curator)
  • Catherine Wardrop (Botanical illustrator)
  • Lisa Woods (Herbarium Curator)

Mount Banks Surprise - Thelymitra ixioides. Photo: Michael Elgey

All aglow Photo: Dylan Burge


Banks & Solander specimen

Red seaweed