Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Science staff

Chris Allen - biogeography, ecological modelling, plant ecology, conservation biology, community ecology, evolutionary ecology, plant diversity, species ensembles, GIS, traits, plant species associations

Wayne Cherry - herbarium curation, collections management, Amaranthaceae

Joel Cohen - Peat Swamps Project

Barry Conn - Westringieae (Lamiaceae), Chloantheae (Lamiaceae), Lecantheae (Urticaceae), trees of Papua New Guinea, plants of Lord Howe Island, Logania (Loganiaceae)

Carolyn Connelly - microsatellite libraries, molecular systematics

Katherine Downs - herbarium curation, collections management, database management

Marco Duretto - Rutaceae, Boronia, Zieria, Phebalium, Goodeniaceae, Elaeocarpaceae, Stylidiaceae, Pterostylis, Orchidaceae

Michael Elgey - herbarium curation

Lesley Elkan - botanical Illustration, plant images, illustration archive, botanical art

Zonda Erskine - loans management

Miguel Garcia - day to day running of the research library

Clare Herscovitch - herbarium curation, Araceae, Malesian flora

Margaret Heslewood - Historical biogeography and phylogeography of the family Cunoniaceae (Oxalidales) in Australasia

Peta Hinton - supervisor volunteer program

Richard Jobson - phylogenetics, taxonomy, Lentibulariaceae, aquatic plants, systematics and evolution in plants and animals

Matthew Laurence - disease diagnosis and research support

Edward Liew - plant pathogens, diseases, fungi, population genetics, phylogenetics, soil-borne pathogens, tropical crop diseases, Fusarium, Phytophthora

Kristina McColl - assists Director Plant Sciences with administrative and technical duties

Seanna McCune - Botanical Information Service

Hannah McPherson - cryptogams, systematics, biogeography

Bob Makinson - Grevillea, Astrotricha, plant conservation

John Martin - applied/urban/spatial Ecology and population dynamics of flying-foxes and birds

Rohan Mellick - Biogeography, Coalescent-based analyses, Ecological modelling, Evolutionary ecology, Genetic diversity/structure, Past-current-future range shift, Podocarpus elatus, Population genetics and phylogeography, Selective gradients

Yola Metti - Laurencia of Australia

Louisa Murray - Flora of New South Wales, PlantNET

Nathalie Nagalingum - ferns, cycads, gymnosperms, paleobotany, fossils, molecular dating, phylogenetics, diversity

Cathy Offord - waratahs, grevilleas, Wollemi pine, flannel flowers, seed biology

Andrew Orme - technical officer

Matthew Renner - ABRS postdoctoral fellow

Amanda Rollason - cultivation of Wollemi pine, waratah and flannel flower, tissue culture

Maurizio Rossetto - adaptive differentiation, biogeography, conservation genomics, habitat modeling, molecular and evolutionary ecology, next generation sequencing, temporal dynamics, transient evolution

Juelian Siow - Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics

Karen Sommerville - terrestrial orchids, storage of orchid seed and associated mycorrhizae

Leonie Stanberg - Cycads & Cycas , Eucalypts (Eucalyptus, Angophora, Corymbia), botanical scanning electron microscopy, herbarium curation, collections management

Brett Summerell - Fusarium, macromolecular techniques for plant disease diagnosis, fungi of Australian native plants, SE Asia plant pathology 

Ifeanna Tooth - grants coordination, herbarium curation, collections management

Gillian Towler - herbarium curation, collections management

Marlien van de Merwe - scientific officer

Lotte von Richter - Cumberland Plain Woodland ecology, seed ecology, flannel flowers

Catherine Wardrop - botanical illustration, plant images, illustration archive, botanical art

Peter Weston - Proteaceae, Diurideae (Orchidaceae), basal-relictual angiosperms

Barbara Wiecek - Botanical Information Service, Caesalpiniodeae, Mistletoes, Rosaceae

Karen Wilson - Cyperaceae, Casuarinaceae, Juncaceae, Polygonaceae

Peter Wilson - Chamelaucium alliance (Myrtaceae), Myrtaceae clade of the order Myrtales, Babingtonia (Myrtaceae), Indigofera pratensis, Indigofereae (Fabaceae)

Trevor Wilson - morphology, systematics, pollination, evolution, biodiversity, botanical curation

Lisa Woods - herbarium curator

Jude Wright - supervisor volunteer program


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