Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Trevor Wilson 


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Science and Conservation

Plant Diversity


+61 2 9231 8132


Morphology, systematics, pollination, evolution, biodiversity, botanical curation

Current research projects

  • Systematics of the Prostantheroideae (Lamiaceae): the application of morphological and molecular techniques to resolve tribal, generic and sectional limits.
  • Systematics, pollination and morphology of Lamiaceae and Vitaceae.

Key publications

  • Conn BJ, Wilson TC, Proft KM, and Henwood MJ 2012 Circumscription and phylogenetic relationships of Prostanthera densa and P. marifolia (Lamiaceae). Telopea. 15: 149-164.
  • Renner M., Devos N., Patino J., Brown B., Orme A., Elgy M., Wilson T., Gray L., and von Konrat M. 2013 Integrative taxonomy resolves the cryptic and pseudo-cryptic Radula buccinifera complex (Porellales, Jungermanniopsida), including two reinstated and five new species. PhytoKeys 27:1-113 doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.27.5523
  • Wilson TC, Conn BJ, and Henwood MJ 2012 Molecular phylogeny and systematics of Prostanthera Labill. (Lamiaceae). Australian Systematic Botany. 25:341-352.
  • Conn BJ and Wilson TC 2012 Prostanthera tallowa (Lamiaceae), a new species from New South Wales, Australia. Telopea. 14: 5-8.
  • Wilson TC, Conn BJ, and Henwood MJ 2012 Status of the genus Wrixonia F.Muell. (Lamiaceae). Telopea. 14: 1-3. 
  • Wilson TC, Gerrath JM and Posluszny U 2006 Morphological and anatomical development in the Vitaceae VIII.  Comparative development of three species of Cyphostemma (Vitaceae) reveals important vegetative and reproductive differences among the species. Canadian Journal of Botany 84(5): 702-716.
  • Wilson TC, Charlton WA and Posluszny U 2006  Increased image depth for epi-illumination microscopy. Canadian Journal of Botany 84(3): 508-513.
  • Gerrath JM, Wilson TC and Posluszny U 2004  Morphological and anatomical development in the Vitaceae VII Floral development in Rhoicissus digitata with respect to other genera in the family. Canadian Journal of Botany 82(2): 198-206.
  • Wilson TC and Posluszny U 2003 Novel variation in the floral development of two species of Parthenocissus. Canadian Journal of Botany 81(7): 738-748.
  • Wilson TC and Posluszny U 2003 Complex tendril branching in two species of Parthenocissus: implications for the vitaceous shoot architecture. Canadian Journal of Botany 81(6): 587-597.
  • Wilson, TC 2001 A comparative developmental study on tendrils of Boston Ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) using scanning electron microscopy. Microscopical Society of Canada Bulletin 29(4): 11-16.


Newcastelia interupta

Microcorys virgata

Hemiphora bartlingii

Cyantostegia angustifolia