Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Honorary Research Associates

Alan Archer - lichen taxonomy and chemotaxonomy; Graphidaceae of Australia and SE pacific region

Doug Benson - ecology of plant communities and species, particularly in Sydney area

Barbara Briggs - Restionaceae, Poales, Ecdeicoleaceae, Australian Ranunculus, Australian Veroniceae, Proteaceae

Carrick Chambers - biogeography and taxonomy of Blechnum, Pteridoblechnum, Stenochlaena and Brainea, taxonomy of the Cheilanthes in the Australian region

Gwen Harden - rainforest florisitics and regeneration of rainforests

Peter Hind - research on the Ferns of Australia

Jocelyn Howell - seed dispersal, fire responses, animal-plant interactions, factors influencing recruitment of native species, weed biology

Robert Kooyman - botany, ecology, evolution, traits, environmental factors, community assembly, community phylogenetic structure

Erich Lassak - essential oils of the Australian flora

Alan Leishman - bird banding and observation, research on history of first aviary

John Leslie - Fusarium, fungal genetics and populations

Professor David Mabberley - economic plants, Rutaceae, Meliaceae, Labiatae, history of botany and botanical art

Lyn McDougall - ecology of plants of the Sydney region

Tony Martin - Bicentenary Book Committee, Margaret Flockton Award Committee, Oral History project, Aviary Exhibition project

Patricia Meagher - Wollemi pine: the influence of light and pH, and nutrient levels on seedling growth, seed storage and the monitoring of cone development and plant health in the Wollemi Pine wild population

Peter Michael - weeds: taxonomy, biology, distribution and history, especially Oxalis

Peter Olde - systematics of Grevillea, phylogeny of Hakeinae

Christopher Quinn - systematics of Styphelioideae, Vittadinia complex, Astereae, Chamelaucium alliance, Myrtaceae, conifers

Helen Ramsay - taxonomy and cytology of mosses

Bettye Rees - Australian macrofungi, the former Cortinariaceae, Hebeloma, Gymnopilus, Phaeocollybia, Amantia poisoning, Fungimap

Geoffrey Sainty - waterplants, weeds

Phil Spence - Latouria-type Dendrobiums

John Thomson - biogeography and phylogeny of bracken ferns

Edwin Wilson - Latouria-type Dendrobiums