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The Florilegium

What is a Florilegium?

The word 'florilegium' is a modern Latin word derived from the Greek 'anthologia', meaning a selection of literary passages. It is thought to have been first used for a publication in 1590, and is now widely used to describe a collection of paintings of plants, drawn from life and botanically accurate.

Florilegia flourished in the 17th century when they were created to portray rare and exotic plants from far afield. Now, the modern florilegium seeks to record collections of plants, often now endangered, from within a particular garden or place.

The Florilegium Society

The Society is administered by a committee of members. Currently on the committee are: artist members  Beverly Allen (President), Deirdre Bean (Public Officer), Lesley Elkan, Illustrator, National Herbarium of NSW, Elaine Musgrave and Julie Nettleton (Secretary); supporting members, Professor Emeritus Carrick Chambers AM, Sue Maple-Brown, Colleen Morris and ex-officio member, Dr Dale Dixon (insert title please) The committee meets at least three times per year.

The Society has the patronage of Dr Shirley Sherwood and the support of its honorary members Dr Pamela Bell OAM, Lugene Bruno Curator of Art, Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Anne-Marie Evans MA FLS, Jenny Phillips FLS, Celia Rosser OAM Hon MSc Hon LLD Monash, Margaret Stones AM MBE Hon DSc Louisiana State and Melbourne and Gil Teague publisher.

To date we have 44 artist members and will continue to increase our membership. Enquiries are welcome from Australian and international artists.

Expressions of interest

The Society is inviting interested artists to submit  2-3 botanical paintings in colour from  their portfolio and a CV. Successful artists will be invited to join the Society. Portfolio submissions are held several times a year and international artists may submit high quality digital images.  For further information contact Beverly Allen, details below.

Affiliations have been made with The Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society and The Florilegium Society at Sheffield Botanic Gardens.

Further information

Please contact

Beverly Allen, 02 9879 4039 or email