Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


David Mackay

Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1958, David Mackay has been a professional artist for over thirty-eight years. He has worked as botanical illustrator at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney and the National Botanic Gardens of Papua New Guinea, and as a guest artist at Kew Gardens London, the University of California at Berkeley and the Linnean Herbarium London. His work has been shown in over 50 exhibitions in London, New York, Tokyo, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Denver, Sydney, Adelaide, and elsewhere. In the next twelve months his work will be shown in exhibitions in London, Sydney and Armidale. He is currently working towards his next solo exhibition to be held in August 2013 at the New England Regional Art Museum.

David’s work is described in various publications, including the following books: Treasures of Botanical Art by Shirley Sherwood and Martyn Rix (2008), Australia: 300 Years of Botanical Illustrations by Helen Hewsen (1999) and Drawn from Life - the Development of Botanical Illustration of Australian Plants by Ed Wilson (1983). David has illustrated well over 150 scientific reference books and papers. More than 5000 of his drawings and paintings have been published. He has also authored over 30 publications on art and botany and has a degree in botany from the University of Sydney. His work is represented in many public collections in Australia, England, USA, and Papua New Guinea as well as in private collections around the world.


Linospadix minor
Around the next bend
1050 x 750 mm

Eucalyptus campanulata
New growth

250 x 250 mm




Neisosperma kilneri
At the edge of extinction

460 x 295 mm

Swainsona formosa
Sturt's desert pea
375 x 570 mm


Wollemia nobilis
Wollomi pine

270 x 330 mm