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Flockton's Bottlebrush
Margaret Flockton’s Bottlebrush. Flockton illustrated cigarette cards for the American Tobacco Company, copied from hand-coloured lithographs. They are unlike her usual exquisite botanical drawing but show her wonderful artistic skill with plants.

Lycett Callistemon
The Library has the biggest collection of paintings by Joseph Lycett, only recently identified as his.

Lycett Eriostemon
Eriostemon crowei from one of two albums of original paintings by forger and convict artist Joseph Lycett.

Lycett Grevillea
Original painting of a Grevillea by convict artist and forger Joseph Lycett.

Flockton's Christmas Bells
Margaret Flockton’s Christmas Bells. Flockton worked at the Garden from 1901 to 1927 leaving a monumental contribution to the illustration of Australian botany.

Flockton Waratah
Margaret Flockton's Waratah print from the cigarette company series.

Curtis 8
A hand-coloured image from Curtis's Botanical Magazine  

Curtis 5
A hand-coloured image from Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Callicoma serratifolia - produced by the Government Printing Office for J.H Maiden

Curtis 3
A hand-coloured image from Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Curtis 4
A hand-coloured image from Curtis's Botanical Magazine