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The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust values volunteers in building links with the community and developing community involvement in an important public organisation. Volunteers contribute actively to our mission, helping us to inspire the appreciation and conservation of plants. They assist us in achieving our scientific, horticultural and conservation work and promote this in the wider community. Volunteerism also provides skill development for both staff and volunteers.

Who can volunteer?

For over 30 years, volunteers have worked with visitors and staff to enrich the programs and service provided by the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust. Currently there are over 250 volunteers working in Trust program areas and approximately 300 volunteers working for the Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens organisation. The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust has a comprehensive volunteer policy which outlines recruitment and training procedures, the range of opportunities volunteers can be involved in, and codes of conduct relating to safety, equity and insurance. All volunteers are issued with a volunteer reference manual.

We also invite you to consider volunteering at MCSL (Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living). MSCL is a non-profit, community-driven organisation, with the aim of promoting sustainable homes and gardens. The community is in partnership with the Australian Botanic Garden and the Centre is located at the corner of Mount Annan Drive and Narellan Rd. If you visit their website at and click on 'Get Involved' it will take you directly to volunteering opportunities.


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Due to the popularity of our volunteer programs we have limited vacancies at this present time. Vacancies are listed below.

Range of volunteering opportunities 

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Volunteer Guides

Volunteer Guides provide visitors with general orientation and on-site interpretation as well as take visitors on informative guided walks - providing them with a personal, structured and informative experience. Guides also assist with other educational and administrative activities related to enhancing peopleís enjoyment of the Gardens.

Volunteer Guides enhance visitorsí enjoyment and knowledge, generate goodwill and increase community support for the Gardens.

Australasian Conference of Volunteer Guides in Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust will host the 2015 Australasian Conference of Volunteer Guides in Botanic Gardens in Sydney 21-25 September 2015. Called '200 Years by the Harbour - Guiding in a Changing Climate' Sydney, and set against the spectacular backdrop of Sydney Harbour, this conference will highlight the extensive plant collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust; discuss current botanical research; explore issues of climate change; and provide opportunities for an exchange of ideas between volunteer guides in botanic gardens. Click here to find out more.

Royal Botanic Garden - no vacancies

Australian Botanic Garden - vacancies

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden - vacancies

Fauna monitoring volunteers

The Fauna Monitoring Program is temporarily unavailable.

No vacancies

Science: Herbarium specimen mounting volunteers

Specimen Mounting Volunteers mount pressed and dried plant specimens onto archival board using dental floss. Outgoing loans and incoming fragile or vulnerable groups within the herbarium collection of pressed plants are given priority. To help preserve the specimens, all the materials such as floss, glue, bags, papers and boards used in the mounting process are acid-free. After stitching the specimens onto the boards, volunteers then bag any loose fragments such as seeds or fruits and attach to the board using pins. They also glue the specimen label onto the board and annotate the enclosing folder with the specimenís region code and plant family number. Approximately 20 per cent of the Herbarium collection is now mounted on archival paper. Volunteers also assist in mounting seaweeds, lichens and mosses and determining the geographic coordinates of collected specimens. Volunteers mount a wide range of plant families and may stitch anything from fragile orchids to bulky banksias.




No vacancies

Science: Special projects assisting scientists

Volunteers assist in special projects under the direction of Trust staff such as Public Reference Collection and special project work for botanists. Some volunteers assist with the compilation of information for research projects in systematics and ecology. Others work with our Botanical Information Service staff to prepare specimens for inclusion into the reference collection and to check the accuracy of plant names. They may also assist with field work.

No vacancies

Science: Plant pathology volunteers 

Plant Pathology volunteers assist in routine plant pathology laboratory work within the Plant Disease Diagnostic Unit (PDDU) and assist in laboratory/field/greenhouse work associated with research projects within the Plant Pathology Section.

No vacancies

Science: Library volunteers

Library Volunteers provide assistance to the Library staff by helping to shelve materials, covering and end-processing books, scanning, stocktaking journals and other smaller discrete projects. There are also bigger projects like the Oral History Project. The Library is undergoing an ongoing major overhaul as well as having a demanding daily workload. Experience is very useful.

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No vacancies

Bush regeneration volunteers

Bush regeneration volunteers assist with the restoration of natural areas, mainly Cumberland Plain Woodland (now critically endangered bushland). Their work involves removing environmental weed species, and assisting with other practices which will promote native plant growth and regeneration, as well as habitat for native fauna.


Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens volunteers 

Volunteers enable the Foundation & Friends to raise funds for special projects in the three Botanic Gardens, Herbarium and Domain. They cater for functions, assist Foundation & Friendsí administrative staff in the office, staff exhibitions, and promote membership of the Foundation & Friends throughout the three Gardens. The Growing Friends propagate plants for sales Monday to Friday and selected Saturdays each month.

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Send completed Volunteer Application Form to Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Cottage 6, Mrs Macquaries Rd Sydney NSW 2000 or

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