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Pertusaria Group 11

Apothecia present, verruciform; ascospores 2 per ascus, smooth; on rock

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4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone or thuringione [2,4,5-trichloro-3-O-methylnorlichexanthone] present 


1a  Chlorinated xanthones absent  



Thuringione present; spores 110-150 µm long; Japan 

P. astomoides Nyl. photo

2a 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and stictic or norstictic acids present  3


Norstictic acid present; spores 97-105 µm long; ostioles black, conspicuous; West Indies   

P. praetervisa var. expallens Vain photo

3a  Stictic acid present  



Thallus isidiate; spores 170-230 µm long; Eur  

P. areolata (Ach.) A. Massal. synonyms

4a Thallus not isidiate 5


Spores 140-175 µm long;  ostioles black; Aus, PNG 

P. vulpina A.W. Archer

5a Spores 95-115 µm long; ostioles black; PNG P. atrospilota A.W. Archer & Elix photo
  Spores 82-112 µm long; ostioles translucent; West Indies P. praetervisa var. pileolata Vain. photo
  Spores 92-102 µm long; ostioles black, punctiform; West Indies  P. praetervisa var. straminea Vain. 
  Spores 100-170 µm long; Russia  P. globulata Oxner & A.M. Volkova
  Spores 155-230 µm long; ostioles black; Eur, Japan; also on wood  P. pertusa (L) Tuck. synonyms
  Spores 170-215 µm; medulla I+blue; Corsica P. subrupestris Zschacke 


K+ red and C- or K+ red and C+ red 


6a K-; 2'-O-methylperlatolic acid present   8


K+ red, C-ve; norstictic acid present 


7a K+ red, C+ red; alectorialic acid present; spores 22-40 µm; Arctic alpine and boreal forest zone P. geminipara (Th.Fr.) C.Knight ex Brodo 


Spores 130-150 µm long; thallus isidiate; Antarctic

P. signyae Øvstedal


Spores 100-150 µm long; thallus non-isidiate; alectorialic, confluentic and planaic acids 
present; India 

 P. indica Srivasrava & Awasthi
?syn P. kodaikanalensis Choisy


Norstictic acid only present 


9a Norstictic and protocetraric acids present; spores 80-150 µ long; N.Afr.  P. fdoulesiana Harm. 


Spores 100-140 µm long; S.Am. 

P. tesselaria Müll. Arg. synonyms

10a Spores 70-100 µm; Japan P. pachyplaca Nyl. photo 
Spores 110-150 µm; Japan P. rhagadoplaca Nyl. photo 
10b Spores 120-250 µm long 11


Spores 145-270 µm long; thallus shiny; US. 

P. californica Dibben 


Spores 150-250µm long; thallus nonshiny; Eur. 

Spores 120-250 µm long; China

P. apennina Bagl. 

P. taibaiensis Q. Ren photo

  Spores 125-200 µm long; isidiate; Eur.  P. pseudocorallina (Lilj.) Arnold synonyms
 11b Spores 140-200 µm long; Hawaii   P. zahlbruckneri H. Magn. 
  Spores 150-210 µm; India, with atranorin Pertusaria sp. Singh & Sinha 
  Spores120-200 µm long [85-245 µm, Dibben]; on moss; N.Am, Arctic circumpolar P. coriacea (Th.Fr.) Th.Fr. synonyms