Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Group 2

Apothecia absent; isidia present; on wood

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Xanthones present 


1a Xanthones absent  13


Lichexanthone or derivatives present 


2a Norlichexanthone derivatives or thiophaninic acid present  12


Lichexanthone and salazinc acid present; PNG 

Lichexanthone and stictic acid present; Thailand

P. parmatica A.W. Archer & Elix photo

P. flavodigitata Jarinangprasert

3a 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone or 2-chlorolichexanthone present  4


4,5-Dichloro- & 2,4,5-trichlorolichexanthone present; Australia 

P. palumensis Elix & A.W. Archer photo

4a 2-Chlorolichexanthone, stictic and 2'-O-methyl- & 2-O-methylperlatolic acids present; Australia  P. bagoensis Elix & A.W. Archer photo
4b 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and depsides or depsidones present   5


4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and stictic or alectoronic acid present 


5a 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone  and depsides present  10


4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and stictic acid present


6a 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and alectoronic acid present 11


4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and stictic acid present; 


7a 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone, stictic acid and depsides present   9


Sterile; isidia 0.4-1 mm tall, 0.25-0.5 mm diam; Australia, PNG

P. montpittensis A.W.Archer photo

8a Also fertile [Group 17]; isidia 0.1-0.5 mm tall; to 0.1 mm diam.; Eur  P. coronata (Ach.) Th.Fr. synonyms


4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone, stictic and 2'-O-methylperlatolic acid acids present; Australia

 P. pilosula A.W. Archer & Elix

9b 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone, stictic acid and methyl barbatate present; PNG

 P. angabangensis A.W. Archer & Elix photo


2-O-Methylperlatolic acid present; Australia

P. georgeana var. georgeana A.W. Archer & Elix

10a 2-O-Methylperlatolic and 2-O-methylstenosporic acids present; Australia  P. georgeana var. methylstenosporica A.W. Archer & Elix
10b 2,4-Di-O-methylolivetoric acid present; Australia  P. georgeana var. goonooensis A.W. Archer & Elix
10c Planaic acid present; Australia  P. georgeana var. victoriana A.W. Archer & Elix
10d 2-O-Methylconfluentic acid present; Australia    P. georgeana var. occidentalis Elix & A.W. Archer


Alectoronic acid present; Australia 

P. alectoronica Elix & A.W. Archer

11a Alectoronic and thiophanic acids present; Australia P. alectoronica var. thiophanica Kantvilas, Elix & A.W. Archer


Thiophaninic and stictic acids present; Australia & PNG      

P. flavoisidiata A.W. Archer & Elix

Rarely fertile, spores 8/ascus; Europe   P. flavida (DC) J.R. Laundon
12a Arthothelin and 6-O-methylarthothelin present; New Caledonia  P. simoneana A.W. Archer & Elix synonyms


Depsidones present


13a Depsides or depside esters present  21
13b Lacks lichen compounds; West Indies P. griseola photo
13c Lichesterinic acid present; Australia   P. ambigua A.W. Archer & Elix  photo


Stictic acid or derivatives present


14a Hypoprotocetraric, neotricone, norstictic, protocetraric, psoromic or salazinic acids present 17


Stictic acid present; on wood; isidia 0.2-0.8 mm tall, 0.05-0.1 mm diam., Mauritius, Australia 

P. muricata J.C. David

NZ; on plant débris; isidia 0.5-1.5 mm tall, 0.15-0.25 mm diam.
P. dennistonensis Elix & A.W. Archer photo
15a Stictic and 2'-O-methylperlatolic acids present; Thailand, PNG
P. pilosula var. abditiva Jariangprasert
15b Hypostictic and stictic acids present; Thailand 
P. hypostictica Jariangprasert
15c Norstictic acid present  16


Isidia to 3 mm tall; Hawaii 

P. ramulifera H. Magn

16a Isidia 0.1-0.25 mm tall; Australia, PNG  P. roseola A.W. Archer & Elix photo
16b Isidia 0.5-1.0 mm tall; bipolar; also on rock P. coccodes (Ach.) Nyl.

Protocetraric or hypoprotocetraric acids present 

17a Neotricone, norstictic, psoromic or salazinic acids present  20
18 Hypoprotocetraric acid present; PNG  P. hypoprotocetrarica A.W. Archer & Elix photo
18a Protocetraric acid present 19
19 Protocetraric acid present; Australia  P. umbricola A.W. Archer & Elix
19a Protocetraric and norstictic acids present; Australia P. wallamanensis Elix & A.W.Archer photo
20(17a)  Psoromic acid present; PNG  P. wauensis Elix & A.W. Archer photo
20a Neotricone present; Australia  P. neotriconica Elix & A.W. Archer photo
20b Norstictic and salazinic acids present; PNG; HS 19405 Pertusaria sp.
21(13a) Methyl 3-α-hydroxy-4-O-demethylbarbatate; PNG  P. mankiensis A.W. Archer & Elix photo
21a Other depsides present 22
22 Thamnolic acid present; Eur; also fertile; 2 spores/ascus; isidia short and thick, 0.1-0.3 mm diam 

P. corallina (L.) Arn.

Isidia very thin, 0.03-0.05 mm diam.; Australia  P. tricosa Elix & A.W. Archer photo
22a 2'-O-Methylperlatolic acid , barbatic or divaricatic acids present 23
23 2'-O-Methylperlatolic acid present; PNG, Australia  P. burburana Elix & A.W. Archer
23a Barbatic or divaricatic acid present 24
24 Barbatic acid present; Australia  P. barbatica A.W. Archer & Elix  photo
24a  Divaricatic acid present; PNG  P. labuensis A.W. Archer & Elix photo