Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Pertusaria Group 3

Apothecia absent; soredia present; on rock

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Xanthones present 


1a Xanthones absent  18


Lichexanthone or chlorolichexanthones present 


2a Thiophaninic acid present  14


Chlorinated lichexanthones present 


3a Lichexanthone present 5


2,4- and 2,5-Dichlorolichexanthone, 2,4,5-trichlorolichexanthone and stictic acid present Australia, New Zealand; also corticolous

P. puffina A.W. Archer & Elix photo

4a 4,5-Dichlorolichexanthone and stictic acid present; PNG; also corticolous P. balekensis A.W. Archer & Elix


Lichexanthone and p-depsides, or ß-orcinol m-depsides present


5a Lichexanthone and picrolichenic or stictic acids present 8


Lichexanthone and lecanoric acid or methyl 2¡¦-O-methylmicrophyllinate    present 


6a Lichexanthone and ß-orcinol m-depsides present 12


Lichexanthone and lecanoric acid present; Costa Rica 

P. culbersonii Vìzda


Lichexanthone and methyl 2¡¦-O-methylmicrophyllinate present 

P. variabilis Elix & A.W. Archer


Lichexanthone and stictic acid present; Aus; JAE 43109 (CANB) 

Pertusaria sp.

8a Lichexanthone and picrolichenic acid present 9


Lichexanthone and picrolichenic ± superpicrolichenic acid present 


9b Lichexanthone, picrolichenic acid and ƒÒ-orcinol m-depsides present 11 11


Lichexanthone and picrolichenic acids present; Aus & SAm 

 P. subventosa var. deficiens A.W. Archer & Elix

10a 10a. Lichexanthone, picrolichenic and superpicrolichenic acids present
Norfolk Island; Aus
P. verdonii A.W. Archer


Lichexanthone, picrolichenic and thamnolic acids present; SAm, Aus. and NZ 

P. subventosa var. subventosa Malme photo synonyms

11a Lichexanthone, picrolichenic and hypothamnolic acids present; Aus. & PNG P. subventosa var. hypothamnolica A.W. Archer & Elix
11b Lichexanthone, picrolichenic and barbatic acids present; SAm.
Ahti 31.i. 1989 (H)
Pertusaria sp.
12 Lichexanthone and haemathamnolic acid present; Brazil  P. xantholeucoides Müll. Arg. synonyms
12a Lichexanthone and hypothamnolic acid present 13
13 Lichexanthone and hypothamnolic acid only present; SAm.   P. amaroides H. Magn. synonyms
13a Lichexanthone, hypothamnolic and barbatic acids present; Uruguay; 7031 Pertusaria sp.
14(2a) Thiophaninic acid, confluentic and planaic acids present; N.Am; ± fertile P. tejocotensis de Lesd. synonyms
14a Thiophaninic acid and norstictic acid (major) and stictic acid (minor) present; Aus; Rogers 2369 (BRI)  Pertusaria sp.
14b Thiophaninic acid and stictic acid present  15


In Australia


15a Elsewhere 24


Thallus bright yellow; hypostictic acid absent; E Australia, NZ & PNG; ± fertile 

P. xanthoplaca Müll. Arg. synonyms

16a Thallus dull yellow; hypostictic acid present; NW Australia P. remota A.W. Archer


In Europe, Asia, Africa 

P. amarescens Nyl. photo synonyms

  In Japan   P. leucosoroides Nyl.
17a In N.Am; ± fertile  P. flavicunda Nyl.


Picrolichenic acid or p-depside present


18a Depsidones present 24
18b Lichen compounds absent; Canada P. pruinifera Erichs.
  Philippines P. subvaginata var. orientalis Räs. photo


Picrolichenic acid present  

P. amara (Ach.) Nyl. synonyms

  Additional protocetraric acid present; Eur.  P. amara var. flotowiana (Flörke) Erichs.

Depsides present


Haemathamnolic acid present; thallus yellow-brown, with additional thamnolic acid; SAm.  

P. conspersa Messuti
  Thallus pale green, becoming grey; lacking thamnolic acid; Central Afr. P. kinigiensis A.W. Archer et al.
20a p-Depsides present  21
21 Lecanoric acid present 22
21a Other p-depsides present  23
22 Lecanoric acid present, variolaric acid absent; Philippines   P. subvaginata var. orientalis Räs.
22a Lecanoric and variolaric acids present; Europe; ± fertile  P. lactea (L.) Arnold
23 Squamatic and baeomycesic acids present; Australia  P. nerrigensis A.W. Archer & Elix
23a 2'-O-Methylisohyperlatolic and 2'-O-methylsuperlatolic acids present; Australia  P. salebrosa A.W. Archer & Elix
24(15a) Norstictic or stictic acid present 25
24a Protocetraric or fumarprotocetraric acid present 27
25 Stictic acid present; soralia ochre coloured; S. Georgia 

Pertusaria sp. A Øvstedal

25a Norstictic acid present  26
26 Thallus off-white; Europe, China, N.Am,  
P. excludens Nyl. synonyms
26a Thallus olive green; Australia, Lord Howe Is P. miniatescens A.W. Archer & Elix
26b Norstictic and picrolichenic acids present; Teneriffe  P. teneriffensis Vain. photo


Protocetraric acid present; Europe, N.Afr., Japan 

P. leucosora Nyl synonyms

  Canary Islands  P. inconveniens Vain. photo
27a Fumarprotocetraric acid present 28
27b Atranorin present; Australia; soralia off-white; subtropical  P. sordida A.W. Archer
28a Atranorin absent; ± succinprotocetraric acid present; Eur  29
28 Thallus with flattened white soralia  P. aspergilla (Ach.) J.R. Laundon
29a Thallus with sorediate papillae  P. mammosa Harm.
29b Thallus on limestone P. gypsicola Erichs.