Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Pertusaria Group 7

Apothecia present, disciform; ascospores 1 per ascus; on rock or plant debris

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Thallus isidiate 


1a Thallus not isidiate   8


Fatty acids or 5-O-methylhiascic acid present; fumarprotocetraric acid absent 


2a  Fumarprotocetraric acid present  



Fatty acids present 


3a 5-O-Methylhiascic acid present; spores 150-200 µm long; on soil or rock; Tas  P. flavoexpansa Kantvilas & Elix


On rock; spores 200 µm long; Ireland 

P. polythecia (Taylor) Erichs.

4a On rock; spores 122-183 µm long; Eurasian P. ocellata Wallr. ex Körb
4b On plant débris; spores 80-165 µm long; N. hemisphere  P. panyrga (Ach.) Massal
  On moss; spores 80-165 µm long; Ireland P. hutchinsiae (Borrer) Leight.


Isidia well-defined   


5a Isidia becoming sorediate; spores 180-200 µm long; France P. mammosa Harm.


Apothecia terminal in isidia; spores 100-270 µm long; circumpolar  

P. dactylina (Ach.) Nyl.

6a Apothecia not terminal in isidia 7


Isidia short, blunt, crowded; ?spores; Eur 

P. stalactiza Nyl.

7a Isidia tall, scattered; spores 115-140 µm long; N.Am  P. andersonii Lendemer


Lichexanthone present 


8a Lichexanthone absent  14


Picrolichenic acid present 


9b Picrolichenic acid absent  11


Lichexanthone and picrolichenic acid present; spores 125-180 µm long; N.Am, S.Am 

P. ventosa Malme

10a  Lichexanthone, picrolichenic and thamnolic acids present; spores 120-160 µm long;  Aus., S.Am  

 P. subventosa Malme


Hypothamnolic acid present; spores 110-160 µm long; S.Am   

P. hossei (Räs.) A.W. Archer & Osorio synonyms

11a Hypothamnolic acid absent  12


Lecanoric acid present; spores 170-220 µm long; Juan Fernandez [also on wood]

P. skottsbergii Zahlbr.

12a  Lecanoric acid absent  



Haemathamnolic acid present; spores not reported; Brazil 

P. xantholeucoides Müll.Arg.

13 Squamatic acid present; spores 100-130 µm long; Socotra  P. xantholeuca Müll. Arg. 


Lichen compounds absent; spores 90-140 µm long; Lapland 

P. tornensis H.Magn.

14a Lichen compounds present  15


Spores 150-180 µm; K-ve, C-ve [2 unidentified compounds, hplc]; Mexico 

P. velata f. liebmannii Vain. photo 

15a Other compounds present  16


Norstictic acid present 

Stictic acid present; spores 150-193 µm long; China


P. weii Q. Ren photo

16a Norstictic acid absent 19

Norstictic acid only present; spores 100-300 µm long; Eur 

P. monogona Nyl.
 17a Norstictic and picrolichenic acids present 18
18 Spores 150-160 µm long [usually 2 per ascus]; disc dull fawn to brown; S.Am.  P. alterimosa Darb.
18a  Spores 100-150 µm long; disc black, white pruinose; Eur. 

 P. ludovicae Werner

19(16a) Picrolichenic and protocetraric acids present; spores 180-250 µm long; [rarely on wood]  P. melanochlora (DC) Nyl.
19b Picrolichenic acid absent  20
20 Thamnolic, cryptothamnolic or hypothamnolic acids present   21
20a Lecanoric, protocetraric or gyrophoric acids present  23
21 Thamnolic acid present  22
21a Cryptothamnolic and hypothamnolic acids present; spores 153-204 µm long; China;  [also on wood]  P. leptospora Nitschke ex Lahm
22 Spores 95-175 µm long; S.Afr. 

P. wawreana A.Massal.

22a Spores 'ca. 200 µm long' [fide Müll. Arg.]; Eur.  P. clementiana Müll. Arg.
23 Lecanoric or gyrophoric acid present  24
23a Protocetraric acid present; spores 145-185 µm long; S.Am & NZ  P. macloviana Müll. Arg.
  Spores 135-240 µm long; Arctic Russia P. cribellata Branth synonyms
  Spores 160-180 µm; China  P. setschwanica Zahlbr. photo
23b Spores 195-280 µm long; Tasmania  P. parathalassica Kantvilas & Elix


Lecanoric acid present  


24a Gyrophoric acid present 26
25a Lecanoric acid only present; spores 100-200(-275) µm long; NZ  P. obvelata Nyl.
  Spores 200-270 µm long; France  P. conglobata (Ach.) Fr. 
25a Lecanoric and variolaric acids present; spores 180-240 µm long; Eur P. lactea (L.) Arn.
26 Spores 135-150 µm long; S.Am  P. microcarpa Nyl.
26a Spores 150-230 µm long; circumarctic P. bryontha (Ach.) Nyl.