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Dr Marco Duretto - Manager Plant Diversity

Systematics and phylogeny of Boronia (Rutaceae)

Boronia contains 149 recognised species, several undescribed species, and many subspecies and varieties. As part of an ongoing study of the relationships of the species of the genus a phylogenetic study using molecular data, with Michael Bayly (MELU), is pro-gressing well and indicates that most of the sections are monophyletic. Section Boronia however is proving to be paraphyletic, agree-ing with earlier studies, with a number of other sections and Boronella, a New Caledonian endemic, embedded in it. These results are congruent, in part, with ongoing cladistic research using morphological and anatomical data. Bo-Kung Choi (Masters Student, KHUS, South Korea) completed a study of seed morphology in Boronia, Zieria and Neobyrnesia, as part of a larger study of tribe Boronieae, and her results have provided useful data and insights for morphological studies. Future research includes completing the molecular data sets and combining these with morphological studies.

The Flora of Australia account for Boronia, with Paul Wilson, Western Australian Herbarium and Pauline Ladiges, University of Melbourne, with artwork by our artists Lesley Elkan and Catherine Wardrop, has been completed and is in the editorial stage.

Systematics and phylogeny of Zieria (Rutaceae)

Zieria is restricted to eastern Australia (59 spp.) and New Caledonia (1 sp.). To date no infrageneric classification has been published for the genus and the relation-ships of the species are poorly understood. A significant number of species in Zieria (>50%) are narrow endemics and/or threatened, including the majority of the species that have been described recently. As part of a collaborative ABRS funded project on the genus Rose Barrett (PhD, University of Melbourne; supervised by Michael Bayly & Pauline Ladiges) is working to produce a molecular phylogeny and infra-generic classification of Zieria, as well as look in detail at a number of widespread species.

The Flora of Australia account for Zieria, with Alex George (Murdoch University) and Paul Forster (BRI), with artwork by Lesley Elkan and Catherine Wardrop, has been finalised.





Boronia serrulata, Kur-ring-gai Chase NP. Photo: Marco Duretto

Boronia pinnata, Hornsby Heights.

Photo: Marco Duretto