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Gametes/Spermatia/Carpogonial branches      



Dasya spermatangia


Unlike spores, gametes are not ‘free living’. In other words, they need to be fertilised before they can continue to grow and survive. Male gametes of red algae are known as spermatangia and in this picture of Dasya roslyniae, they are seen forming collars or ‘corn cobs‘ on lateral branches. These spermatangia will be released into the water column and evetually find and fertilise a carpogonial branch.




Carpogonial branches are the female ‘gametangium‘ of red algae. They are often very thin hair-lke cells with a bulbous base and a twisted upper part. In this picture of Naccaria naccarioides, you can see the straight tip and curly base of the trichogyne. Click here to view a complete carpogonial branch.