Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Marine Algae 2012-2013

Dr Alan Millar, Principal Research Scientist and Yola Metti, ABRS Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Alan Millar, Principal Research Scientist and Phycologist, and Dr Yola Metti, Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) post doctoral fellow, have completed the first year of a three year research grant from the ABRS on the red algal Laurencia complex genera of Australia. Collecting expeditions to the type localities of several species discovered in the 1940-50s in South Australia and Queensland were undertaken. Localities such as Waterloo Bay at Elliston on the Eyre Peninsula, Aldinga Marine Park in the Adelaide environs, and Robe on the Korong were visited. In Queensland, the collecting sites of Professor Cribb (University of Queensland) who visited in the 1940s, including Ball Bay near Mackay, Redcliff in Moreton Bay and Caloundra were also sampled. Matching freshly collected samples with Type specimens held in the Brisbane Herbarium, then using molecular sequences (of the rbcL and Cox1 genes) of these fresh samples, will allow them to properly define the relationships between all these species.

Alan Millar is also collaborating with Simon Dworjanyn, (Research and Development at the National Marine Science Centre, Southern Cross University) at Coffs Harbour on improving seaweed culture and postharvest utilisation in South-East Asia. He received collections from Sulawesi that he is identifying in order to get a good impression of the algae he will encounter when in the field. This will help with teaching seaweed farmers in Indonesia and the Philippines about the taxonomy, identification and biodiversity of their cultured seaweeds.





Alan Millar at the Elliston collecting site, Eyre Peninsula Photo: Samuel Taylor.