Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Cunninghamia Volume 13, 2013

Maps published as separate sheets indicated by #. 

Research Paper

  • R. J. Peacock, A. Downing, P. Brownsey and D. Cameron
    Distribution, habitat preferences and population sizes of two threatened tree ferns, Cyathea cunninghamii and Cyathea x marcescens, in south-eastern Australia.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13(1):1-24
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.13.001

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Research Paper

  • A. Hewitt
    Revisiting Tony Price’s (1979) account of the native vegetation of Duck River and Rookwood Cemetery, western Sydney
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13(1): 25-124.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.13.002

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Research Paper

  • R.C. Armstrong, K.D. Turner, K.L. McDougall, R. Rehwinkel and J.I. Crooks
    Plant communities of the upper Murrumbidgee catchment in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13(1): 125-265.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.13.003

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 Research Paper

  • R. F. Parsons
    Limonium hyblaeum (Plumbaginaceae), a cushion plant invading coastal southern Australia. 
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 267-274.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.004
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  Research Paper

  • Roger D. Cousens, Peter K. Ades, Mohsen B. Mesgaran and Sara Ohadi
    Reassessment of the invasion history of two species of Cakile (Brassicaceae) in Australia.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 275-290.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.005

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 Research Paper

  • Kevin Mills
    Replacement of Cakile edentula with Cakile maritima in New South Wales and on Lord Howe Island.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 291-294.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.006
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 Research Paper

  • F. Erskine, A. Chalmers and W. Erskine 
    Survival of Casuarina cunninghamiana on a recovering sand-bed stream in the Wollombi Valley of coastal New South Wales.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 295-304.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.007

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  Research Paper
  • M. Fallding and D. Benson
    Adventures, hardship and a scientific legacy: Ludwig Leichhardt’s 1843 journey to Mt Royal in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 305-330.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.008

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Research Paper
  • J.T. Hunter
    Upland wetlands in the Namoi Catchment: mapping distribution and disturbance classes of fens, bogs and lagoons.
    Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 331-335
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.009

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 Research Paper
  • J.R. Hosking, M. Schroder and B. McCorkell
    Impact of broom, Cytisus scoparius (Fabaceae), in naturally treeless sub-alpine frost-hollow vegetation communities at the Barrington Tops, south-eastern Australia.
    Cunninghamia 13: 337-351.
    doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.010

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