Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Cunninghamia Volume 7

Maps published as separate sheets indicated by #

Volume 7(1) 2001

  • Westbrooke, M.E., Kerr, M.K.C. and Leversha, J. (2001) The vegetation of Kinchega National Park, western New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(1): 1-26.

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  • Auld, T.D. and Denham, A.J. (2001) Flora conservation issues at Kinchega National Park, western NSW. Cunninghamia 7(1): 27-42.

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  • McGann, T.D., Kingswood, R. and Bell, D. (2001) Vegetation of Narran Lake Nature Reserve, North Western Plains, New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(1): 43-64.

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  • Burrows, G.E. (2001) An assessment of the conservation status of Senecio garlandii, in the Central and South Western Slopes, New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(1): 65-76.

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  • Bell, S.J. (2001) Notes on the distribution and conservation status of some restricted plant species from sandstone environments of the upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(1): 77-88.

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  • Adam, P. and Williams, G. (2001) Dioecy, self-compatibility and vegetative reproduction in Australian subtropical rainforest trees and shrubs. Cunninghamia 7(1): 89-100.

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  • Cox, S.J., Sivertsen, D.P. and Bedward, M. (2001) Clearing of native woody vegetation in the New South Wales northern wheatbelt: extent, rate of loss and implications for biodiversity conservation. Cunninghamia 7(1): 101-155.

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Volume 7(2) 2001

  • Morrison, D.A., Butt, L., Holland, D. & Westbury, A. (2001) Natural revegetation of an abandoned quarry, Sydney. Cunninghamia 7(2): 157-172.

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  • Lewis, J.A. (2001) Regeneration of remnant Blue Gum High Forest vegetation following the cessation of mowing. Cunninghamia 7(2): 173-182.

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  • Perry, D.A. (2001) The distribution, relative abundance and conservation status of Doryanthes palmeri (Doryanthaceae) in New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(2): 183-194.

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  • Bell, S.A.J. (2001) Notes on population size and habitat of the vulnerable Cryptostylis hunteriana (Orchidaceae) from the Central Coast of New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(2): 195-204.

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  • von Richter, L., Azzopardi, A., Johnstone, R. & Offord, C. (2001) Seed germination in the rare shrub Grevillea kennedyana (Proteaceae). Cunninghamia 7(2): 205-212.

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  • Auld, T.D. (2001) The ecology of the Rutaceae in the Sydney region of south-eastern Australia: Poorly known ecology of a neglected family. Cunninghamia 7(2): 213-240.

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  • Benson, D. & McDougall, L. (2001) Ecology of Sydney plant species Part 8: Dicotyledon families Rutaceaae to Zygophyllaceae. Cunninghamia 7(2): 241-462.

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Volume 7(3) 2002

  • Whinam, J. & Chilcott, N. (2002) Floristic description and environmental relationships of Sphagnum communities in NSW and the ACT and their conservation management. Cunninghamia 7(3): 463-500.

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  • Hunter, J.T. (2002) Vegetation and floristics of Mount Canobolas State Recreation Area, Orange, New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(3): 501-526.

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  • Downing, A., Oldfield, R. & Fairbairn-Wilson, E. (2002) Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts of Mount Canobolas, New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(3): 527-537.

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  • Hunter, J.T. & Harrison, K. (2002) Vegetation and floristics of Burnt Down Scrub Nature Reserve, North Coast, New South Wales. Cunninghamia 7(3): 539-562.

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  • Heyligers, P.C. (2002) The spread of the introduced Euphorbia paralias (Euphorbiaceae) along the mainland coast of south-eastern Australia. Cunninghamia 7(3): 563-578.

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  • Cohn, J.S., Bradstock, R.A. & Burke, S. Effects of time since fire, topography and resprouting eucalypts on ephemeral understorey species composition, in semi-arid mallee communities in NSW. Cunninghamia 7(3): 579-600.

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  • McDougall, K.L. & Walsh, N.G. The flora of Nungar Plain, a treeless sub-alpine frost hollow in Kosciuszko National Park. Cunninghamia 7(3): 601-610.

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  • Corrigendum - re Cunninghamia 7(2) p. 193: 611.

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Volume 7(4) 2002

Robert Brown Conference Papers

  • Mabberley, D. (2002) Robert Brown 200: Introduction. Cunninghamia 7(4): 613-615.

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  • Webb, J.B. (2002) George Caley – Robert Brown’s collecting partner. Cunninghamia 7(4): 617-621.

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  • Groves, R.H. (2002) Robert Brown and the naturalised flora of Australia. Cunninghamia 7(4): 623-629.

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  • Benson, D. & Howell, J. (2002) Cumberland Plain Woodland ecology then and now: interpretations and implications from the work of Robert Brown and others. Cunninghamia 7(4): 631-650.

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  • Adam, P. (2002) Rarity, rare plant species and the New South Wales Threatened Species Conservation Act – conservation opportunities and challenges. Cunninghamia 7(4): 651-669.

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Other papers

  • Hunter, J.T. (2002) A preliminary overview of what is reserved in the Inverell and Yallaroi Shires, North Western Slopes, NSW. Cunninghamia 7(4): 671-681.


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  • Arnold, C. & Rossetto, M. (2002) Comparative population studies in two Cissus species (Vitaceae) across fragmented and undisturbed rainforest habitats. Cunninghamia 7(4): 683-693.

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  • Benson, D. & McDougall, L. (2002) Ecology of Sydney Plant Species Part 9: Monocotyledon families Agavaceae to Juncaginaceae. Cunninghamia 7(4): 695-930.

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