Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Editorial Policy 

Cunninghamia is published by the National Herbarium of New South Wales, Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney.

Cunninghamia publishes original research papers on all aspects of plant ecology with particular emphasis on the vegetation and flora of eastern Australia. Descriptive, experimental and historical studies of plant communities, populations, individuals, their interactions with other organisms and their management are acceptable.

Papers from researchers in all fields of plant ecology are welcomed. Acceptance is the responsibility of an editorial committee chaired by the Scientific Editor. All papers are peer-reviewed.

Editorial policy is to encourage publication of ideas and data to improve the understanding, conservation and management of Australia’s natural biodiversity. We recognize that information and ideas are essential for interpretation, planning and management actions, and will have future relevance as reference points for long-term management and research. Electronic publishing allows us to include a wide range of colour images and large data sets as appendices. Very large appendices can be included as separate pdfs such as large sets of photos or maps.

Scientific Editor

Doug Benson
Royal Botanic Gardens,
Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney, Australia 2000.

Scientific Editorial Committee
Brett Summerell, Bob Makinson, Tony Auld

ISSN 2200-405X online

ISSN 0727-9620 print