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Information for authors

Cunninghamia: a journal of plant ecology for eastern Australia publishes original research papers on all aspects of plant ecology with particular emphasis on the vegetation and flora of eastern Australia. Descriptive, experimental and historical studies of plant communities, populations, individuals, their interactions with other organisms and their management are acceptable. Acceptance is the responsibility of an editorial committee chaired by the Scientific Editor. All papers are peer-reviewed.

Electronic publishing allows us to include a wide range of colour images and large data sets as appendices. Very large appendices can be included as separate pdfs such as large sets of photos or maps.

Cunninghamia includes Short Communications, short manuscripts that we will fast-track on the web. If you have anything you would like to submit now or in the future we will be happy to receive it - click here to view Call for Short Communications information.

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Formatting manuscripts

  • Electronic copies of manuscripts should be submitted to the Scientific Editor
  • The title should be explicit and descriptive of the content; a short running head and an abstract should be included.
  • Check most recent issue for format. The Macquarie Dictionary, latest edition, and the Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers, latest edition, should be consulted for spelling, abbreviations, units and other conventions. Genera should be spelt out in full throughout the text.
  • References in the text should be made by giving the author’s name with the year of publication in parentheses. For reference list at end of paper see papers in recent issues for style. Titles of journals should be given in full.

Supply of Artwork

  • Captions and scale bars for figures should be checked against the artwork supplied for consistency.
  • Line art @ 1200 dpi, resolution in eps or tiff format please. Authors wishing to submit other types of files will need to contact the Editor.
  • Greyscale art @ 300dpi resolution in eps or tiff format please. Authors wishing to submit other types of files will need to contact the Editor.
  • Files from ArcView 3.2 are acceptable if exported from the layout as Postscript New (eps) at a minimum resolution of 720 dpi. This must be specified in the options box.
  • At the above resolutions, graphic file size will usually exceed 1.2 MB and therefore will not transport via email or on a floppy disk. Please supply graphics burnt to CD. Macintosh compatible please.
  • Graphics embedded in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point will not be accepted. Items should be saved in the graphic formats tiff and eps as for line art and greyscale art.


  • Tables should preferably be portrait rather than landscape shape i.e. taller rather than wider. Column headings should be brief. Each table must be referred to in the text and its approximate position should be indicated.