Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Editorial policy 

Scientific Editors: Barry Conn & Richard Jobson

Objective: To produce a scientific journal for the publication of systematic botany in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, that is accessible to readers and contributors alike.

The National Herbarium of New South Wales is the state's lead agency for systematic botany. The recognition, description and publication of new plant taxa are the first steps in providing baseline data for our knowledge of biodiversity. Phylogenetic analysis of morphological or molecular data is the next step in understanding the importance of our biodiversity.

TELOPEA is a showcase for the systematics research of the National Herbarium of New South Wales, but also welcomes papers from scientists from a wide range of scientific institutions. All papers are reviewed by the Editorial Committee and refereed by the most appropriate experts worldwide.

Editorial Committee: Barry Conn, Richard Jobson, Peter Wilson, Marco Duretto, Murray Henwood

Editor of Publications: Gary Bridle

Typesetting and production assistance: Debby McGerty, Julia Sideris