Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Plant Pathology & Mycology Research

As well as managing the Plant Disease Diagnostic Unit, our Plant Pathology section conducts a wide range of plant pathology and mycological research relevant to the aims of the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, including fungal associations & pathogens of the Wollemi Pine and management of Wollemi Pine diseases. Other research areas include pathogen populations, pathogen evolution and genetics and fungal taxonomy.

Current programs & projects

Our team


Honorary Research Associates

  • Patricia Meagher - management of Phytophthora Dieback in natural bushland, including the Wollemi Pine site
  • Prof. John Leslie - Fusarium genetics, physiology and taxonomy

Postgraduate research students


  • Victor Puno - Fusarium Wilt of watermelon: biology and management

Recently completed

  • Zoe-Joy Newby - Modelling Phytophthora dieback in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area
  • Matthew Laurence - The evolutionary and pathogenic potential of Fusarium oxysporum from native soils in Australia
  • Lucas Shuttleworth - Biology and management of chestnut rot
  • Ameera Yousiph - Fusarium Wilt of snow peas

Mature small trees of Native Guava (Rhodomyrtuoides) killed by repeated infections of Myrtle Rust, west of Byron Bay NSW. Photo: K Kupsch

Aseroe rubra Photo: John Siemon

Lichen, Photo: Brett Summerell

Plant pathology staff

Diseased Waratah