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Australian PlantBank 

One of our nation’s most important conservation initiatives

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PlantBank is the ‘environmental insurance policy’ for Australia’s native plant species.

It is estimated that 50 per cent of the world’s plant species are under threat of extinction. In Australia over 10 per cent are already listed as endangered. In the same way that a bank safeguards our money, PlantBank safeguards our plants from an uncertain future.

Located at the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan, PlantBank is a world class centre for plant research and learning and home to the largest native seed bank in the Asia Pacific region.

A model of sustainable design and operation, PlantBank houses thermal efficient seed storage vaults, climate controlled glasshouses, state of the art laboratories, specialised teaching facilities and inspiring exhibition and conference spaces.

Work undertaken at PlantBank contributes to the preservation of the world’s plant diversity and ecological habitats, bringing together our nation’s best scientists to collaborate on research projects of international importance. Its facilities provide new and exciting opportunities to engage the public and local community in science. 

PlantBank4-Photo-John-Gollings PlantBank3-Photo-John-Gollings

Andrew Orme  seed processing

Seed Processing Room

The journey of a seed starts here, where the wild collected seed material is extracted and processed. A range of methods such as air separation, sieving and hand sorting are used to separate out pure, viable seed.

tissue culture  wollemi pine cuttings

Tissue Culture laboratory

Some plants require specialised treatment and experimentation to grow and multiply. Here using micro propagation, we use specialised sterile cabinets to create small plant sections, placed and grown in sterile jars with agar gel. Once prepared, the plants are grown and multiplied under controlled environment and lighting.

physiology lab  science lab

Physiology Lab

Sometimes even good seeds do not readily germinate. Here we conduct a range of specialised treatments on seeds to stimulate germination, and investigate the chemistry and plant structures behind seed germination problems.

Mishy   tissue culture2

Seed testing and incubation

Knowing the quality of new seed batches entering PlantBank is essential. In this room we establish the ideal germination temperature, and germination test each seed batch before it is stored in the freezer or coolroom.