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Marta Salamon

Since 1996, Marta has been painting and exhibiting as a botanical artist. She has completed a Bachelor of Education degree with a major in Fine Arts but it is through classes with Jenny Philips that she gained the skills required to work in the field of botanical art. Much of the work Marta does is focused on Australian flora, especially that of Western Australia, despite her living in Victoria. She travels regularly to WA and spent time as an artist-in-residence which gave her access to the flora of the Western Australian Wheatbelt, and to areas in the south of Western Australia.

Marta’s botanical paintings are in private collections in Australia and the Sutton Collection in the USA. Images of her paintings have also been used by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, and also in Canberra to promote their exhibitions and as Christmas cards. 

Amanita muscaria, Liquidambar styraciflua
fly agaric amid leaves of liquidambar and pine needles
980 x 650 mm