Anemone x hybrida cv. Honorine

Scientific name: Anemone x hybrida cv. Honorine

Author: Paxt.

Common name: Japanese Windflowers - White

Family: Ranunculaceae


Anemone x hybrida   


Find the white windflower drift in the Rhododendron species Garden! Or, seek them out in the Formal Garden, Conifer Cultivar Garden and below the Brunet Pavilion. Single petalled pink and darker pink, double-petalled windflowers are an added bonus in the Residence Garden.

The Greek philosopher, Theophrastus (c.370-286/5 BC), ‘The Father of Botany’, used anemos the word for wind to name this genus of about 120 species of perennial herbs because many of them grow in windy, exposed places. There are over 30 cultivars of Anemone x hybrida, [syn. A x elegans Decne.], one of the parents of which is thought to have been Anemone hupehensis from Central China or A. hupehensis var. japonica (Thunb.) from Japan and Southern China. Dappled shade, consistent moisture and a fertile, organic-enriched soil best suit these elegant, autumn beauties.