Euonymus hamiltonianus

Scientific name: Euonymus hamiltonianus

Author: Nathaniel Wallich 1786-1854

Common name: A Japanese Spindle-Tree, Yeddo Euonymus

Family: Celastraceae


Euonymus hamiltonianus var   


In the winter of 1980 seed of Euonymus hamiltonianus var. sieboldianus arrived from the Tokyo University Botanical Gardens, Japan. The three resulting plants now adorn the Terrace below the Visitor Centre; the Rhododendron Species area, just above the Proteaceae section and Bed EW121 in the lower section of the Plant Explorers Walk.

Cultivated for its numerous pink fruits the specimen on the Plant Explorers Walk has the most graceful habit and pale fruit with deep pink seeds visible when the capsule splits. This small tree is said to perform best when grown out of full sun and it survives in most soil types except heavy clay. It does require a generous water supply as its natural home is the hill-country and mountains of Japan.