Scientific name: Diosporus kaki cv. Tamapan

Author: Carl Linnaeus 1741-1783

Common name: Oriental Persimmon, Japanese Persimmon

Family: Ebenaceae



Diospyros kaki cv   


Our feature plant, Diosporus kaki cv. Tamapan, produces astringent type persimmons and stands in Bed DC148 between the Conifer Cultivars and the Eurasian Woodland. It is one of about 1000 cultivars of a  species native to China and cultivated in Japan for many centuries.

These trees prefer well-drained, moist soil, with ample water in the growing season and, being brittle, need shelter from strong wind.

Non-astringent varieties can be sliced and tossed into a green salad. Leaves are used to improve the flavour of pickled radishes. The peel can be powdered and used as a sweetener. Astringent type persimmons are best picked early, as they are a favourite with the birds, and ripened indoors until almost rotten. At this point the bitterness is lost and the flesh is sweet and soft like apricot puree.

As a cool-climate garden we display many plants that produce edible commodities and most are bountiful in autumn. Walnuts, chestnuts, some acorns, pine nuts, pears, crab-apples and some fungi are usually thought of as harvestable foods.