Thuja occidentalis cv. Snow Queen

Scientific name: Thuja occidentalis cv. Snow Queen

Author: none recorded

Common name: none recorded

Family: Cupressaceae


Thuja occidentalis cv   


The Conifer Cultivar section of the garden, complete with a picnic lawn and nearby parking, lies to the west of the Nursery/Depot area as marked on the Visitor Guide. Should you wish to park in this area to save carrying your picnic, just ask the Visitor Services Officers at the Entry Booth for directions.

The photograph shows a small section of the Conifer Cultivars and includes: Thujopsis dolabrata cv. Nana, the naturally-rounded shrub in the foreground; Podocarpus totara cv. Aureus, Golden Totara, that stands tall at the left with disarmingly soft-looking foliage; two specimens of Thuja occidentalis cv. Snow Queen at the centre and Thuja occidentalis cv. Wareana Lutescens in the background.

‘Snow Tip’ is the nearest name in the literature for this specimen. Thuja occidentalis 'Snow Queen' is, however, a fine example of a conifer that colours dramatically in winter to brown with snow-white tips and reverts to a plain mid-green in summer. These two specimens have survived recent transplanting during these extremely dry years.