Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Self-guided tours

Suggested tours

Explore the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah at your own pace on one of the walks leaving from the Visitor Centre.

TOMAH-JUNGLE-MAP   Click on map to enlarge

If you have half an hour

  • Take in the wonderful view from the Visitor Centre and visit the Residence Garden, or
  • Wander through the Formal Garden, or
  • Take a Rainforest Walk to the viewing platform

If you have an hour

  • See the Wollemi Pines and Gondwana Forest, or
  • Visit the Rock Garden and Residence Garden, or
  • Take the Plant Explorers Walk and the Forest Walk, or
  • Take the children on a ‘Kid’s Trail’ if there is one running - ask at the Visitor Centre.

If you have half a day

  • Enough time to walk around the entire Garden and have morning tea, afternoon tea or lunch at the Restaurant.

If you have all day

  • Take an ecotour or
  • See the whole Garden and have a gourmet lunch at the Restaurant or a barbecue on the lawn under the gum trees.

Coming soon

Self-guided trail for upper primary school children exploring the Blue Mountains Ecology