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Blue Mountains Botanic Garden


Breathtaking views, romantic gardens … a perfect setting for your mountain wedding.

Your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life as a couple. Mount Tomah Botanic Garden with its panoramic views of the Blue Mountains, stunning plant displays, meticulously maintained lawns and world-class facilities is a venue worthy of such an occasion.

Our staff are focused on ensuring your day lives up to every expectation and will help you with each step along the way. From finding just the right location in the Garden to transporting elderly guests or considering wet weather options, our friendly and trained staff can assist you with your needs.

Choose from the specially selected wedding sites below or speak with us about other areas of the Garden you may wish to use.

Formal Garden
Fashioned on a romantic 17th century-styled European garden, this wedding area features a manicured lawn enclosed by soft conifer hedges. Adjacent is a fragrant rosarium with trellises and arbours ideal for photographs.

Wedding Tree Terrace
Enjoying inspiring views over the Blue Mountains, this lawn terrace with its gorgeous Nepalese Elm is popular with couples wishing to celebrate their union in a peaceful and panoramic setting.

Residence Garden
Majestic lawns bordered by colourful plant displays and tall sheltering trees make this area a favourite year round for weddings. This site has easy access to the Visitor Centre.

The Beach
Overlooking a stunning waterfall, the sandy shores of the largest pond in the Garden serves as a beautiful wedding location. The soothing sounds of flowing water combined with the backdrop of the Blue Mountains National Park make this a serene yet unforgettable site for a ceremony.

Brunet Meadow 
An open grassy expanse dotted with walnut trees and seasonal flowering bulbs, the meadow is perfect for both ceremonies and outdoor receptions.

Northern Pavilion
For that ‘on top of the world’ feeling, this architecturally designed pavilion perched high in the Heath and Heather Garden is perfect. The pavilion is complemented by a magnificent mountain vista and at ground level, colourful high altitude plants from around the world.

Other Areas
Although the sites above are most commonly used, many couples have special attachments or preferences for other areas of the Garden. Please speak to us about where you would like to hold your wedding and we will try to accommodate your needs.

How to book

We invite all couples to come and view our acclaimed garden free of charge. Simply ring ahead on 4567 3000 and one of our Rangers can show you our wedding locations. Once you have decided upon your preferred site, bookings can be made by filling in the booking form and faxing to 4567 2037.

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Four easy steps to booking your wedding ceremony at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah

  1. Contact the Functions & Events Coordinator on 4567 3019 or at and confirm date and time availability.
  2. Complete details and sign the booking form and fax to 4567 2037.
  3. Send your $110 non-refundable deposit.
  4. A confirmation of booking will be forwarded as soon as possible.






Photos: Peter Karp Photography and Andrew Wilson Photography