Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Jenny Kee scarf

The Garden Shop has for sale a vibrant Jenny Kee silk scarf - Jenny’s first work on silk in 20 years! This 1.4 metre square beautiful silk satin georgette scarf embraces the latest digital technology, creating a strikingly vibrant collage of 24 of Jenny’s most favourite artworks. The limited edition scarf is hand stitched and 100% Australian made.

Jenny designed this special scarf to accompany her recent exhibition called 'Waratah Passion', a series of 12 works in acrylic on canvas.

Red is a trademark of her career and the Waratah she sees as her totem. Telopea means ‘seen from afar’ and speciosissima means ‘most beautiful’ which perfectly describes the Waratah as it stands out in the bush against all the smaller more delicate native flowers. Like the Waratahs Jenny’s paintings make an intense statement and proclaim their existence.

'I want to share my passion for the Waratah:  the flower that has become my totem, the symbol of my fiery emotions. I live surrounded by native bush land that is frequently ravaged by fires. After fire, Waratahs are like flames exploding into bloom from their bed of ashes, big crimson hearts opening to the sun. I am always astonished that such beauty can spring from such devastation.  I see Waratahs as the essence of fire - from the destruction comes rebirth. From personal tragedy I have been reborn through creating art - transforming pain into joyous beauty - that is the Waratah.' Jenny Kee.

The scarf is available for purchase through the Garden Shop at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. Phone Joanne Jordan on 02 4567 3000. View details of this scarf and other Jenny Kee desgns at

Silk Scarf $995, limited edition of 50