Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Marion Westmacott illustrations

Marion Westmacott began illustrating grasses 35 years ago in the outback of the Northern Territory. Today Marion is a renowned botanical artist, teacher and natural history illustrator.

Marion was formely the Scientific Illustrator for the Botanic Gardens Trust - her work including the interpretive signs for the Royal Botanic Garden, the Australian Botanic Garden and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, illustrations for scientific journals as well as designs for cards, shirts and scarfs for the Garden Shops.

Marion is also the illustrator in various books on Native Plants and Animals including:

  • Key Guide to Australian Wildflowers
  • Key Guide to Australian Trees
  • Key guide to Palms, Ferns and Cycads
  • The Australian Animal Atlas

All these titles are available from the Garden Shop

Marion has also illustrated (from specimens for the Australian Museum ) the Dragonfly (Petalura gigantean) and the Butterflies that feature on the shop display. The Giant Dragonfly Print & Butterfly Print  are available in a limited print run of sizes from A4 to Poster size.