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Cycling at the Australian Botanic Garden

You can enjoy Aussie plants and wonderful views by bicycling off the beaten track at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan. There are feature gardens, lakes, picnic areas and toilet facilities scattered throughout the Garden.

For the experienced road cyclist, the Garden can be reached by bicycle, if you travel by train to Campbelltown Station.

Free entry to the Garden has resulted in huge increases in visitor numbers to the Garden. So, the best on-site cycling experience to be had is riding the mountain bike trail, opposite the Big Idea Garden. You can drive to this theme garden, park and ride your bike from there, across the canal and over the 10 km trail. Purpose built to international standards, the trail caters for competent, intermediate and advanced standard mountain bike enthusiasts. Whether in search of a family or individual experience, the trail will provide the challenges and enjoyment you seek.

Mountain Bike Trail

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Opening hours

  • Public: are permitted to use the Trail only during normal Garden hours of operation (8 am - 5 pm). Outside these hours, riders risk their vehicles being locked in and penalties apply for opening gates.
  • Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens: are permitted to use the trail between sunrise and sunset if carrying their current membership card.
  • Closure due to rain: The trail may be closed from time to time after heavy or extended periods of rain.

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About the Trail

  • All trails run in a clockwise direction.
  • The start/finish is at the Big Idea Garden (see map), facilities here include: car parking, picnic shelter and picnic lawns, free barbecues, toilets
  • Contact (02) 4634 7900 with advice/feedback about the trail or 000 in case of emergency.
  • For feedback on the Mountain Bike Trail please email the Trail Manager.
  • Give way to vehicles for first aid access.
  • If this is your first visit, please take extra precautions until you are familiar with the trail features.

Trail markers




Intermediate Competent Moderate fitness and skill, approx 4 km.
Competent Intermediate More difficult, increased gradients and narrow trail, above average fitness and skill, approx 3 km.
Advanced Advanced* More difficult, tight winding trail, loose, irregular surfaces and steep hills, high level of fitness and skill, approx 5 km.
Caution Caution Warning, steep section or sharp turn ahead.
Shared-Trail Shared track Wide trail, walkers and bikes permitted.
No-pedestrian-access No pedestrian access Narrow trail, only bikes allowed.
 Grade Grade Arrow indicates steepness of grade for trail ahead.

* The Advanced Trail has been designed and 2.5 km has been completed, the rest will be constructed when funding permits.

Code of conduct

Respect others

Respect the rules

Respect the track

Mountain bike riding is a dangerous recreational sport and all riders use these trails at their own risk. Ride in control and within your ability level. You must be able to avoid people and objects. 

All riders under 16 yrs should only ride the trail in the company of an adult. 

You are in a Botanic Garden. Please respect the trail and the surrounding flora and fauna. Clean your bike to prevent spreading weeds.

Access roads adjacent to the mountain bike trail are shared with walkers and emergency vehicles. 

All riders must wear an Australian Standards (AS/NZS 2063) approved bicycle helmet that is  in good working order and well maintained.

Avoid riding in the mud and rain and please observe ‘Trail closed' signs. Don't skid, cut corners or make new lines.

Signal your approach and pass with care. When stopping, move to the side of the trail where you can be seen by approaching riders. 

Ride only in a clockwise direction. Obey all signs and warnings.


Motorised vehicles of any kind are prohibited except in emergencies. The trail is intended for mountain bikes only (or bikes and walkers on shared trails).

Ride shared-use tracks in small groups.  

Stay on marked tracks. Do not create new sections of trail. 

Please take your rubbish home.

Photo: Damian Breach

Mountain Bike Trail Map
The Australian Botanic Garden roadways - click on map to enlarge

Mountain Bike competent trail

Mountain Bike intermediate trail

Mountain Bike advanced trail

Photo: Damian Breach

Photo: Damian Breach

Photo: Damian Breach


Location of the Australian Botanic Garden - click on map to enlarge

Cycling from Campbelltown Station

1. Exit on western side onto  Farrow Rd, head right towards Roundabout.

2. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Badgally Rd.

3. Turn left onto Blaxland Rd.

4. Turn right onto Narellan Rd, continue toward Narellan, crossing M5 motorway bridge.

5. Turn left at second set of traffic lights, into The Australian Botanic Garden.

Total 7.6 km


Cycling and conservation 

Welcome to the world’s first Enduro Trail set within a botanic garden!

With your support, the Australian Botanic Garden Enduro Trail will develop into a truly world class mountain bike trail for riders in south-western Sydney. It will provide a challenging and enjoyable ride, within a rich and diverse botanical display. Help us to rehabilitate and maintain the critically endangered ecological community - the Cumberland Plain Woodland - by not damaging plants, moving soil/logs/rocks or leaving the marked trails.

The Woodland is home to a range of wildlife including eastern grey kangaroos, swamp wallabies, wallaroos, echidnas, brown and black snakes, monitor lizards and eastern bearded dragons. All wildlife is protected, so please do not interfere with any animals on the site. Notify Rangers on 4634 7934 if you see any injured wildlife.

You can find out more about the Australian Botanic Garden on this website, or by visiting the Visitor Centre located in the Central Precinct.